VLVnT - 2015 : Very Large Volume Neutrino Telescope

from Monday, 14 September 2015 (08:00) to Wednesday, 16 September 2015 (18:00)
University "La Sapienza", Physics Department

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14 Sep 2015
15 Sep 2015
16 Sep 2015
Registration (until 09:00) (Sala Direzione INFN, II floor)
Plenary session 1 - Antonio Capone (Universita e INFN, Roma I (IT)) (until 10:40) ()
09:00 Opening speeches, Greetings from local authorities   ()
09:10 Extragalactic Neutrino Sources and their Multi-Messenger Constraints - Markus Ahlers   ()
09:40 High energy neutrinos: validations, inferences, prospects - Francesco Vissani (INFN - LNGS)   ()
10:10 Latest results from Fermi-LAT and the impact on neutrino observations - Paolo Giommi   ()
10:40 --- coffee break ---
Plenary Session 2 -Prof. Albrecht Karle (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison) (until 13:20) (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
11:00 Results from IceCube - Tyce DeYoung (Michigan State University)   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
11:20 ANTARES results - maurizio spurio (University of Bologna (Italy))   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
11:40 Baikal/GVD: results, status and plans - Zhan Dzhilkibaev   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
12:10 IceCube-Gen2: The Science, the Detector, Drilling, and Logistics - Prof. Kael Hanson (University of Wisconsin - Madison)   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
12:45 KM3NeT-ARCA project status and plans - rosa coniglione (INFN)   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
Plenary Session 3 - Christian Spiering (DESY) (until 10:40) (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
09:00 Global neutrino oscillation analysis: status of unknown parameters, and future systematic challenges for ORCA and PINGU - Eligio Lisi (INFN, Bari, Italy)   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
09:30 KM3NeT/ORCA: status and plans - Dorothea Samtleben (Leiden University)   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
10:00 From DeepCore to PINGU - Juan-Pablo Yanez (DESY)   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
10:40 --- coffee break ---
Parallel Session D - Chad Finley rosa coniglione (INFN) (until 13:00) (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
11:00 Indirect detection of Dark Matter with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope - Miguel Ardid (UPV)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
11:20 IceCube results from pointlike source searches using 6 years of through-going muon data - Mr Stefan Coenders (Technische Universität München)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
11:40 IceCube results from low-energy point source searches in the southern hemisphere - Sebastian Euler (Uppsala University)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
12:00 KM3NeT/ARCA sensitivity and discovery potential for neutrino point-like sources - Agata Trovato (INFN)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
12:20 Search for point-like neutrino sources over the Southern Sky with the ANTARES and IceCube neutrino telescopes - Mr Barrios-Martí Javier (IFIC (CSIC-UV))   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
12:40 Search for spacial and temporal collective effects in the ANTARES neutrino telescope data. - Bruny Baret (CNRS) Antoine David Kouchner (Universite de Paris VII (FR))   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
Parallel Session E - Vladimir Aynutdinov (INR RAS, Moscow) Tommaso Chiarusi (INFN - Sezione di Bologna) (until 13:00) (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
11:00 Present and Future of the IceCube DAQ and Online Systems - Prof. Kael Hanson (University of Wisconsin - Madison)   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
11:18 Data acquisition system of the Baikal-GVD - Denis Kuleshov   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
11:36 The Trigger and Data Acquisition System for the KM3NeT neutrino telescope - Carmelo Pellegrino (INFN)   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
11:51 KM3NeT Digital Optical Module Electronics - Diego Real (IFIC)   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
12:06 KM3NeT Neutrino Telescope 1-ns resolution Time To Digital Converters - David Calvo (IFIC)   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
12:18 Characterization of the electro-optical transceivers in the KM3NeT optical network - Sara Rita Pulvirenti (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
12:33 The Control Unit of KM3NeT Data Acquisition - Cristiano Bozza (University of Salerno)   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
12:48 Live Monitoring and Quasi-Online Event Reconstruction for KM3NeT - Tamas Gal (University of Erlangen)   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
Parallel session A - Alexander Kappes (Friedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen (DE)) Dorothea Samtleben (NIKHEF) Pasquale Migliozzi (Universita e INFN (IT)) (until 13:00) (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
11:00 A Wavelength-shifting Optical Module (WOM) for in-ice Neutrino Detectors - Dustin Hebecker   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
11:20 The VSIPMT project - Francesco Di Capua (INFN)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
11:40 Hamamatsu PMTs Latest Developmental Status - Mr Yuji Hotta Hotta (Hamamatsu)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
12:00 Latest improvements of the Hamamatsu MPPCs - Dr Christian Dille (Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
12:20 The effects of Earth's magnetic field on 3-inch diameter photomultipliers used in KM3NeT neutrino telescope. - Valentina Giordano (INFN)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
Plenary Session 4 - Antoine David Kouchner (Universite de Paris VII (FR)) (until 10:40) (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
09:00 Phenomenology of atmospheric neutrinos - Anatoli Fedynitch (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE))   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
09:30 Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions in the few-GeV region - Juan M Nieves (IFIC (CSIC-UV))   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
10:00 Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillations Experiments - Alfons Weber (STFC/RAL & Uni Oxford)   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
10:40 --- coffee break ---
Plenary session 5 - Tyce DeYoung (Michigan State University) (until 12:40) ()
11:00 Ground-based gamma-ray astronomy: Investigating the sky at photon energies between ~20 GeV and 100 TeV - Christopher van Eldik (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)   ()
11:40 Future very-high-energy gamma-rays detection projects at ground - Alessandro De Angelis (Universita degli Studi di Udine (IT))   ()
12:20 Opportunities within ASTERICS - Rob van der Meer (ASTRON)   ()
13:20 --- Lunch Break ---
Parallel Session F -Prof. Dawn Williams Giorgio Riccobene (INFN) (until 16:20) (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
14:20 A Precision Optical Calibration Module for IceCube-Gen2 - Martin Jurkovic (TUM)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
14:40 Impact of DM-Ice17 Muon Data on IceCube Reconstructions - Antonia Hubbard   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
15:00 Time and amplitude calibration of the Baikal-GVD neutrino telescope - Vladimir Aynutdinov (INR RAS, Moscow)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
15:20 Moon shadow observation with ANTARES and KM3NeT neutrino telescope - Matteo Sanguineti (INFN Genova - Università di Genova)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
15:40 Calibration Methods and Tools for KM3NeT - Vladimir Kulikovskiy (LNS)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
16:00 Aspects of the optical system relevant for the KM3NeT timing calibration - Gerard Kieft (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
Parallel session A - Alexander Kappes (Friedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen (DE)) Dorothea Samtleben (NIKHEF) Pasquale Migliozzi (Universita e INFN (IT)) (until 16:20) (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
14:20 The KM3NeT Digital Optical Module - Daniele Vivolo   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
14:50 Multi-PMT Optical Module Designs for IceCube-Gen2 - Alexander Kappes (Friedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen (DE))   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
15:20 The optical module of the Baikal-GVD - Алексей Шейфлер   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
15:50 ET Enterprises - Andy Cormack   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
16:20 --- coffee break ---
Parallel Session C - Allan Hallgren (Uppsala University) Robert Lahmann (Friedrich-Alexander-Univ. Erlangen (DE)) (until 18:40) (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
16:40 Characterisation and testing of the KM3NeT acoustic positioning system - Francesco Simeone (INFN)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
16:55 Acoustic neutrino detection investigations within ANTARES and prospects for KM3NeT - R. Lahmann (-)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
17:10 Fiber optic hydrophones for acoustic neutrino detection - Ernst-Jan Buis (TNO)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
17:25 A compact array calibrator to study the feasibility of the acoustic neutrino detection - Miguel Ardid (UPV)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
17:40 The Askaryan Radio Array: Status and new results. - Prof. Albrecht KARLE (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
17:55 The ARIANNA Hexagonal Radio Array performance and prospects - Allan Hallgren (Uppsala University)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
18:10 Proposal for a Giant Radio Array for Neutrino Detection - Olivier Martineau (CNRS)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
Parallel Session F -Prof. Dawn Williams Giorgio Riccobene (INFN) (until 18:40) (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
16:40 Development and performances of a high statistic PMT test facility - Carlos Maximiliano Mollo (INFN)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
17:00 Characterization benches for the KM3NeT DOMs - Antoine David Kouchner (Universite de Paris VII (FR)) Bruny Baret (CNRS)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
17:20 The Calibration Units of the KM3NeT Neutrino Telescope - Antoine David Kouchner (Universite de Paris VII (FR)) Bruny Baret (CNRS)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
17:40 The LED Beacons prototype system the for time calibration of the KM3NeT-IT Towers - Giulia De Bonis   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
18:00 Measuring the optical properties of the IceCube drill holes - Martin Rongen (RWTH Aachen)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
18:20 Measurement of light scattering in deep sea - Nikos Maragos (NATIONAL CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH "DEMOKRITOS")   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
18:45 --- Welcome drink ---
13:00 --- lunch break ---
Parallel Session D - Chad Finley rosa coniglione (INFN) (until 16:00) (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
14:00 THE GALACTIC DIFFUSE NEUTRINO EMISSION: A NEW COMPREHENSIVE SCENARIO - Antonio Marinelli (Institute of Physics, Pisa)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
14:20 Neutrino fluxes from the Galactic plane and the ANTARES limits - Luigi Antonio Fusco (University of Bologna)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
14:40 An expected performance of “Dubna” neutrino telescope for search for high-energy astrophysical neutrinos by detection of high-energy cascades - Zhan Dzhilkibaev   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
15:00 Predicted sensitivity of the KM3NeT/ARCA detector to a diffuse flux of cosmic neutrinos - Luigi Antonio Fusco (University of Bologna)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
15:20 A Surface Array to Study Astrophysical Neutrinos with IceCube-Gen2 - Javier Gonzalez (Bartol Research Institute, Univ Delaware)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
Parallel Session E - Tommaso Chiarusi (INFN - Sezione di Bologna) Vladimir Aynutdinov (INR RAS, Moscow) (until 15:10) (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
14:00 Digital and analog electronics for an autonomous, deep-sea, Gamma Ray Burst Neutrino prototype detector. - Dr Konstantinos Manolopoulos (University of Athens)   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
14:18 The Trigger and Data Acquisition System for the KM3NeT-Italia towers - Matteo Favaro (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
14:33 The KM3NeT-IT Tower data acquisition and data transport electronics - Carlo Alessandro Nicolau (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
Parallel Session I - Jim Haugen (UW-Madison) Patrick Lamare (CNRS) (until 16:00) (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
14:00 Design and Mass Production of the Optical Modules for KM3NeT-Italia project - Dr Emanuele Leonora (INFN-sezione di Catania)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
14:20 Km3Net Italia Seafloor Network - Riccardo PAPALEO (INFN LNS)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
14:40 The MEUST deep sea infrastructure in the Toulon site - Patrick Lamare (CNRS)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
15:00 GRBNeT - A Prototype Autonomous Neutrino Detector - Konstantinos Pikounis (NCSR Demokritos)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
15:20 Baikal-GVD deployment procedures - Igor Belolaptikov   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
15:40 Deep subsea data transmission : wet mateable hybrid connectors based on dry inserts - Mr Christophe Tardy (POWERSEA)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
Parallel Session G - Christos Markou (Nat. Cent. for Sci. Res. Demokritos (GR)) Gonzalo Merino (IceCube) Cristiano Bozza (University of Salerno) (until 16:00) (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
15:10 IceCube Simulation Production and the Transition to IceProd2 - David Schultz (University of Wisconsin-Madison)   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
15:30 Enabling Grid Computing resources within the KM3NeT computing model - Christos Filippidis (Nat. Cent. for Sci. Res. Demokritos (GR))   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
15:45 Using IKAROS as a data transfer and management utility within the KM3NeT computing model - Christos Filippidis (Nat. Cent. for Sci. Res. Demokritos (GR))   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
16:10 --- coffee break ---
Parallel Session G - Gonzalo Merino (IceCube) Christos Markou (Nat. Cent. for Sci. Res. Demokritos (GR)) Cristiano Bozza (University of Salerno) (until 17:30) (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
16:30 The Relational Database System of KM3NeT - Cristiano Bozza (University of Salerno)   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
16:50 Application of Data Mining Techniuqes in Atmospheric Neutrino Analyses with IceCube - Tim Ruhe (TU Dortmund)   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
17:10 A study on implementing a multithreaded version of the SIRENE detector simulation software for high energy neutrinos - Christos Filippidis (Nat. Cent. for Sci. Res. Demokritos (GR))   (Aula Rasetti, 2nd floor)
Parallel Session H - maurizio spurio (University of Bologna (Italy)) Thomas Eberl (Erlangen University) Tyce DeYoung (UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND) Spencer Klein (until 19:00) (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
16:30 gSeaGen: a GENIE-based code for neutrino telescope - Dr Carla Distefano (LNS-INFN)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
16:50 Present theoretical uncertainties on charm hadroproduction in QCD and prompt neutrino fluxes - Maria Vittoria Garzelli   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
17:10 Atmospheric Flux Uncertainties and the Neutrino Mass Hierarchy - Joakim Sandroos (Universität Mainz, IceCube)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
17:30 Neutrino-nucleon cross-sections at energies of Megaton-scale detectors - Dr Askhat Gazizov (GSSI/DESY)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
17:50 Neutrino oscillation mass spectrometry with megaton neutrino detectors - Kotoyo Hoshina   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
18:10 Measurement of the Atmospheric Muon Neutrino Energy Spectrum with IceCube in the 79- and 86-Ctring Configuration - Tim Ruhe (TU Dortmund)   (Aula Careri, 1st floor)
Parallel Session J - Jon Dumm (IceCube) (until 18:50) (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
16:30 Correlation between the UHECRs measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory and Telescope Array and neutrino candidate events from IceCube - Mohamed Rameez (Universite de Geneve (CH))   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
16:50 Searches of time-dependent neutrino sources using five years of data of the ANTARES telescope - Damien DORNIC (CPPM)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
17:10 Capabilities of IceCube's Gamma-Ray, Optical and X-Ray Follow-Up Programs - Thomas Kintscher (DESY)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
17:30 Follow-up of high-energy neutrinos detected by the ANTARES telescope - Aurore Mathieu   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
17:50 The search for TeV gamma-rays associated with IceCube’s high-energy neutrinos using VERITAS - Jon Dumm (Stockholm University)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
18:10 Joint search for High Energy neutrinos and gravitational waves with the Antares neutrino telescope and the LIGO-Virgo gravitational waves interferometers - Bruny Baret (CNRS)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
18:30 AMON: Transition to Real-Time Operations - Douglas Cowen (Pennsylvania State University)   (Aula Amaldi, 1st floor)
Parallel Session B - Jakob van Santen (University of Wisconsin-Madison) (until 18:51) (Aula Rasetti, second floor)
17:30 The Run-by-Run Monte Carlo simulation for the ANTARES experiment - Luigi Antonio Fusco (University of Bologna)   (Aula Rasetti, second floor)
17:46 CORSIKA Modifications for Faster Background Generation - Kyle Jero (University of Wisconsin - Madison)   (Aula Rasetti, second floor)
18:02 3+N flavor neutrino propgation with NuSQuIDS - Kyle Jero (University of Wisconsin - Madison)   (Aula Rasetti, second floor)
18:18 Energy reconstruction of high energy muon and neutrino events in KM3NeT - Ms EVANGELIA DRAKOPOULOU (N.C.S.R. Demokritos)   (Aula Rasetti, second floor)
18:34 Using the JPP software package in KM3NeT reconstruction algorithms - Karel Melis (Nikhef)   (Aula Rasetti, second floor)
Conference Dinner (until 23:00) ()
12:40 --- lunch break ---
Plenary session 6 - Uli Katz (University of Erlangen) (until 14:40) (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
13:40 ANTARES/IceCube multimessenger projects - Juergen Brunner (CPPM)   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
14:10 APPEC's view - Frank Linde (NIKHEF (NL))   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
14:30 Workshop closure - Antonio Capone (Universita e INFN, Roma I (IT))   (Aula Amaldi, first floor)
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