6-12 January 2016
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaiso, Chile
Chile/Continental timezone


*Please keep in mind that if you don't say that the reservation is for the UTFSM Conference, the special prices will not be respected.


For not paying national taxes you should:

  1. Pay in Dollars
  2. Present Passport or Identity Card certifying that you're are resident of your home country.
  3. Show in the immigration card given by International Police that you are in a tourism trip (not business).
  4. Make your reservation with time. December is  high season and hotels are booked with anticipation by turists and travel agencies.
  5. Confirm the prices for high season. 


Some links to the hotels

In Viña del Mar:

in Valparaíso:


Hotel detail information 

Recommended in Viña del Mar:

Hotel San Martín
Address: Avenida San Martín 667, Viña del Mar        
Tel. +56 (32) 268-9191
Fax +56 (32) 268-9195

Room Rate:
Twin Room with city view : USD $120.00
Double Room with Sea view : USD $137.00

People interested in reserves please fill up this form and send it to Roxana Díaz (ventas@hotelsanmartin.cl with cc to victoria.lobos@usm.cl) 


Hotel Bohio (Three stars hotel)
Addres: 3 Poniente 70, Viña del Mar
Tel. +56 (32) 2478576

web site: www.bohio.cl

In the Hotel Bohio we have special prices:
Single for 1 person: 34.000 CLP (Chilean pesos) + TAX
Single for 2 people: 41.000 CLP + TAX
Double for 2 people: 47.000 CLP + TAX
To make a reservation you should email (info@hotelbohio
) explaining the type of reservation you'd like, and that you will be attending the HEP2016 Conference at UTFSM. 


Hotel Rondo
Address: 1 Norte 157, Viña del Mar 
Tel: +56 (32) 2479611
Fax: +56 (32) 2687233

Bookings at: rondo@hotelrondo.cl (with cc to victoria.lobos@usm.cl) 

Room Rate:
Single: 45.000 CLP/per  night 
Double: 55.000 CLP/per  night  


Hotel Agora
Address: 5 1/2 Poniente 253, Viña del Mar
Tel: +56 (32) 2694696
Bookings at:
web site: www.hotelagora.cl

Room Rate:
Single: 80.00 USD/per night
Double: 90.00 USD/per night


Other options in Viña del Mar:

Hotel Monterilla                                                   
Address: Avenida 2 Norte 65, Viña del Mar             
Tel. +56 (32) 297-6950
Fax +56 (32) 268-3576
web site:


Hotel Best Western Marina del Rey 
Address: Ecuador 299, Viña del Mar
Tel. +56 (32) 2383000
Fax: +56 (32) 2383001
web site:

Room rate from 108.00 USD to 198.00 USD/ per night.                  

Recommended in Valparaíso:

Hotel Ibis 
Address: Avenida Errazuriz 811, Valparaíso
Tel. +56 (32) 2340000
Fax: +56 (32) 2340000