6-12 January 2016
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaiso, Chile
Chile/Continental timezone



(Trips from airport to hotel- hotel to airport)

Moving People Transfer Services will take care of shuttling participants from and to the airport. Approximate value of this service is $35.00 USD ($25.000 CLP), one way trip per person. If you wish us to arrange service for you, send us your flight schedule to hep-chile@usm.cl by December 21st. 

They'll be waiting outside the airport by arrivals gate with a ¨MOVING PEOPLE/ HEP 2016¨ sign and will be taking payment in site for the service in dollars or chilean pesos.

At the same time, Moving people staff will be taking in names and details from participants wishing a return trip to the airport.

 Receipt for service will be available.

 Moving people contact:

Web site: http://movingpeople.cl/

Address: Carlos Rogers Street 250, Reñaca, Viña del Mar, Chile. Phone: +569 7945 4088

List of people booked for the service

Name Flight Date Arrival  Comments​
Karliner, Mareck LA0709 04jan16 9:50 hotel Ágora
Moinester, Murray LA5701 04Jan16 9:45 wife, hotel Puerta Escondida, Templeman #549
Tesarek, Richard UA847 05Jan16 9:40 hotel Bohio
Greene, Victoria AA7701 05Jan16 7:05  
Bazilevsky, Alexander 7718 05Jan16 8:35 HSM
Bathe, Stefan LA533 05Jan16 8:35 plus wife and child, HSM
Perepelitsa, Dennis AA957 05Jan16 8:42 hotel Rondó
Matthews, John DA147 05Jan16 9:25  
Muller, Alfred DL147 05Jan16 9:25 plus wife, HSM
Stanley, Brodsky UA847 05Jan16 9:40 plus wife, HSM
Marshall, Chris UA847 05Jan16 9:40  
Scholberg, Kate UA5700 05Jan16 9:40  
Morfin, Jorge UA847 05Jan16 9:45 transfer de regreso
Przewlocki, Pewel   05Jan16 10:00 hotel Rondó
Trocino, Daniele AF406 05Jan16 10:00 HSM
Kulagin, Sergey AF406 05Jan16 10:00 hotel Rondó
Valkarova, Alice AF406 05Jan16 10:00 plus husband
David, Mack AA945 05Jan16 10:30  
Nepumuceno, Andre TAM8020 05Jan16 11:15  
Masetti, Lucia JJ8118 05Jan16 12:20 hotel Ágora
Soffer, Abner   05Jan16 12:20  
Gresnigt, Niels AA1284 05Jan16 13:00  
Jahnke, Cristiane G37660 05Jan16 13:40 hotel Ágora, viaje regreso enero 12
Kabana, Sonja AF406 05Jan16 16:30 transfer 16:30hrs ; hotel Bohio
Rosenfeld, Rogerio JJ8072 05Jan16 16:00  
Wahlberg, Hernan AR1286 05Jan16 17:40 hotel Rondó
Dos Anjos, Joao JJ9660 05Jan16 20:00  
Gupta, Saurabh GOL7662 06Jan16 0:10 plus companion 
Nardi, Enrico DL147 06Jan16 9:25 hotel Bohio
Villaplana Perez Miguel LA705 06Jan16 9:30  
Hirsch, Martin LAN5705 06Jan16 9:30  
Hsiao, Yu-Kuo UA847 06Jan16 9:40  
Mostafa, Miguel UA847 06Jan16 9:40 HSM
Reed, Rossi UA847 06Jan16 9:40  
Bacchetta, Alessandro IB6833 06Jan16 9:45 hotel Rondó
Benitez, Jose   06Jan16 9:45  
Lipatov, Lev AF0406 06Jan16 10:00 San Martin ave. #800 apt. 1009
Platchkov, Stephane AF406 06Jan16 10:00 HSM
Peinado, Eduardo AM010 06Jan16 10:55  
Noble, Tony   06Jan16 12:05 plus companion
Oliveira, Roberto   06Jan16 13:40  

Jililian-Mariam                       H2803           05Jan16         14:55

CHARTER BUSES: (buses de acercamiento) Viña del Mar - USM,  USM - Viña del Mar

(Service during the Conference 6-12 January) 


First charter bus stop:  08:00 hrs. - Hotel San Martín  ( 8 Norte w/ San Martin).

Second charter bus stop: 08:15 hrs. - 2 Norte st. w/ 2 Poniente st.

Third charter bus stop: 08:30 hrs. - Von Schroeder st. w/ Viana st.

Estimated time of arrival at University: 08:40 hrs.

Return trip: Placeres University entrance

Jan 06: 20:15- 20:25 hrs.

Jan 07- 11: 18:40- 18:50 hrs.

Jan 12: 16:50- 17:00 hrs.

Map available under Materials.