6-12 January 2016
Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaiso, Chile
Chile/Continental timezone

Third Circular


6th International Workshop on High Energy Physics on the LHC Era (HEP 2016)

Event dates: Wednesday 6 to Tuesday 12 of January 2016
Event site: Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria (UTFSM), Valparaiso, Chile
Event Website: https://indico.cern.ch/event/hep2016

Dear colleague,
We are pleased to invite you to the 6th International Workshop on High Energy Physics in the LHC Era (HEP 2016) to be held from 6 to 12 of January 2016 in Valparaíso, Chile. The workshop site will be the picturesque campus of the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria (UTFSM). The scientific program of the workshop will address a broad range of topics covering many areas in high-energy particle physics and nuclear physics, namely: Higgs Physics, Hadron Spectroscopy, Neutrino Physics, High-Energy QCD, Hadron Structure, Non-perturbative QCD, Detectors and Instrumentations, Heavy Ion collisions, Beyond the Standard Model, Dark Matter Searches, Phenomenology of AdS/CFT, Astroparticle Physics and Future experiments. For more information and registration, please visit the workshop website:


Registration and Workshop fee
Please register through the workshop website. The registration deadline is set to December 20, 2015. The workshop fee is 250000 CLP. It covers the participation to the workshop, the workshop kit, the welcome reception, the coffee breaks and the lunches. The fee can be paid by credit card through the workshop website under the “HEP2016 Online payment” link, or by CASH ONLY upon arrival to the workshop. The online payment procedure is explained in the payment website: http://portaldepagos.cctval.cl/hep2016, under the link “Click here for instructions”. You will receive a confirmation email after the validation of your payment (it will take few days). Please bring a copy of the receipt with you to the workshop.

Please note that the online payment option will not be available after December 5, 2015.

Abstract submission
The Scientific Program Committee is now accepting abstracts. The deadline is November 20, 2015. Please submit your abstract at your earliest convenience. You need to have a CERN (Lightweight) account for that. If you do not have one, or have trouble submitting the abstract through the website, you can email it to hep-chile@usm.cl.

Please note that the registration, the workshop fee payment and the abstract submission are three independent processes.

Workshop Timetable
The workshop timetable will be posted shortly after the abstract submission deadline. You will be notified about the time, the date and the length of your presentations.

The arrangement of accommodation is not part of the registration procedure. A list of hotels can be found under the "Accommodation" link on the workshop website: https://indico.cern.ch/event/385771/page/4255-accommodation. If you need assistance with hotel reservation please contact our workshop administrative assistant Victoria Lobos (victoria.lobos@usm.cl.)

Visa information
The participants are requested to familiarize themselves with the visa requirements well in advance of the workshop. Letters of invitation for visa purposes will be available upon request to the organizer at hep-chile@usm.cl.

Our available funds are limited. However, we will do our best to provide partial support for the participation of young scientists. We encourage those who need support to send a request to hep-chile@usm.cl.

Local Transportation
There are several alternative ways to get to your Hotel in Viña del Mar from the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport:

Option 1: Bus (from the airport to the Santiago bus station) + Bus (from the Santiago bus station to Viña del Mar) + local taxi.
Take the airport bus towards Santiago. The bus stops right outside the airport building (there are two companies: "Centropuerto" is a light blue bus, and "TurBus" is a light green bus, the ticket is paid inside the bus, about 2.800 CLP); get off the bus at the first stop (about 15-20 min drive), called "Pajaritos" (sounds: Paharitos; ask the driver to drop you there). Pajaritos is a small bus and subway station. The bus station to Viña is on the other side of the building from where you got off the airport bus. Buy a bus ticket to Viña del Mar or Valparaíso at the corresponding ticket office (the best companies are Tur Bus and Pullman Bus). The seats are numbered, so you must purchase the ticket at the office. Buses run every 10-15 minutes but you may have to wait up 30 minutes for your bus, depending on the rush hours. This ticket is about 4500 CLP. The trip from Pajaritos to Viña takes about 90 minutes. The Bus Terminal in Viña del Mar is near downtown, and about 1 km from Hotel San Martin. You should take a taxi from the Bus Terminal to your hotel. The price should be below 5.000 CLP.

Option 2: Shuttle
The organizers of the workshop will provide a shuttle service from the SCL airport to Viña del Mar. Details for this type of travel will be posted in the workshop website few weeks before the beginning of the event.

Option 3: Taxi
There is a taxi service from the airport, called "Taxioficial"*, round-the-clock. The price is 90.000 CLP per taxi to Viña del Mar. The taxi can carry up to 3 persons with luggage. Web page: www.taxioficial.cl, Tel: (+56) (2) 6019880.

*If you decide to take a taxi of a private taxi driver, you should try to negotiate the price.

Social events
Welcome Reception
There will be a 2 hours open-air welcome reception the first day of the workshop (Wednesday 6 of January) starting at 18:30, in “el patio del cañon” inside the university.

Conference dinner
The conference dinner will be on Saturday, January 9th at 21:00. More information about the location of the restaurant and the cost of the dinner will be posted in the workshop website few weeks before the beginning of the workshop.

Few excursions will be organized on Sunday 10th of January to visit the city of Valparaiso or some of the neighboring tourist attractions. Please check the website occasionally for more information.

The weather in Valparaiso
While it is summer in Chile, weather can be somewhat unpredictable. Fortunately, it is unnecessary to bring an umbrella or rain gear, but you should be prepared from hot afternoons and sun, and cool nights with wind, as well as foggy mornings. Layers are recommended. For those participating in active excursions, please bring walking shoes and hats. And while the beach is nearby and a great place to relax, the ocean is cold, and perhaps not ideal for bathing.

January is a wonderful and busy time to visit Chile. Airfares currently look good, but will start steeply rising soon. We recommend to book tickets as soon as possible. If you have any question related to your stay in Valparaiso, please contact our workshop administrative assistant Victoria Lobos (victoria.lobos@usm.cl.)

Important dates

  • Workshop dates: 6 to 12 January, 2016
  • Registration deadline: December 20, 2015.
  • Abstract submission deadline: November 20, 2015 (Poster presentation is still possible ifthe abstract is submitted after the deadline.)
  • Online payment closure: December 20, 2015.

Please check the workshop website regularly for updates.

We look forward to welcoming you in Valparaiso!

The HEP2016 Organizing Committee.