Feb 15 – 19, 2016
Centre International de Conferences de Geneve (CICG)
Europe/Zurich timezone

Abstract submission guidelines

Abstract submission guidelines - ICTR-PHE 2016


Please use this Microsoft Word abstract template to prepare your abstract. Abstracts must be uploaded on the Indico page (https://indico.cern.ch/event/392209/registration/register#/register) no later than 31 October 2015.


Please rename the file RegID_FirstnameLastname.doc (with your details) before uploading it.


2.  Abstract



File type:                 Microsoft Word

Font type:               Verdana

Font size:                12 pt.

Line spacing:           Single

Case:                     Use both upper and lower case in both title and body

Paragraph format:   No initial indent, use blank line between paragraphs


Sessions for oral presentation:

  1. Biology 
  2. Pre-Clinical and Clinical Strategies
  3. Nuclear Medicine     
  4. Detectors and Imaging    
  5. New Technologies  
  6. Radiotherapy


Session (for oral presentation): (select only one from the list; session chairs might reassign to a different session if necessary)


Keywords:  (up to 3 excluding session name):


Title of your abstract (max 100 characters; do not use non-standard abbreviations) (Underline the speaker’s name)

Author names – Initial. Surname (order the authors as you would like them to appear)

Author Name1, Author Name2

1 (Affiliation 1)

2 (Affiliation 2), etc. 


Abstract text:

  • Character limit (excluding spaces) = 2500
  • Use paragraphs to create a structure of (1) Purpose (2) Materials/methods (3) Results and (4) Conclusions
  • Special or unusual abbreviations must be placed in round brackets () after their first appearance
  • One data table in JPG format is allowed in the body (excluded from character count)
  • One colour image in JPG format is allowed, maximum file size = 500KB, maximum panel dimensions = 600(w) x 800(h) pixels;
  • Equations can be inserted in the body as images (JPG only)