Jul 3 – 8, 2016
The University of Melbourne
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Top Flavor Changing Neutral Higgs Interactions at the LHC

Jul 5, 2016, 2:20 PM
Alice Hoy Room 309

Alice Hoy Room 309

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Prof. Chung Kao (University of Oklahoma)


A general two Higgs doublet model (2HDM) is adopted to study the signature of
flavor changing neutral Higgs (FCNH) decay
$\phi^0 \to t\bar{c}+\bar{t}c$, where
$\phi^0$ could be a CP-even scalar ($H^0$) or a CP-odd pseudoscalar ($A^0$)
as well as $t \to c h^0$.
Measurement of the light 125 GeV neutral Higgs boson ($h^0$) couplings at the
Large Hadron Collider (LHC) favor the decoupling limit or the alignment limit
of a 2HDM, in which gauge boson and diagonal fermion couplings of $h^0$
approach Standard Model values.
In such limit, FCNH couplings of $h^0$ are naturally
suppressed by a small mixing parameter $\cos(\beta-\alpha)$, while the
off-diagonal couplings of heavier neutral scalars $\phi^0$ are sustained by
$\sin(\beta-\alpha) \sim 1$.
We study physics background from dominant processes with realistic acceptance
cuts and tagging efficiencies. Promising results are found for the LHC running
at 13 or 14 TeV collision energies.

Primary author

Prof. Chung Kao (University of Oklahoma)


Dr Baris Altunkaynak (University of Oklahoma) Mr Brent McCoy (University of Oklahoma) Dr Masaya Kohda (Chung-Yuan Christian University) Prof. Wei-Shu Hou (National Taiwan University)

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