Jul 3 – 8, 2016
The University of Melbourne
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Plenary Speakers

SUSY Plenary Speakers:

Howard Baer: SUSY with radiatively-driven naturalness and implications for LHC, ILC, WIMP and axion searches
Marcela Carena: SUSY Higgs
Tim Cohen: SUSY models
John Ellis: Extracting fundamental physics from GW150914
Ulrich Ellwanger: SUSY models with gauge singlets
Christophe Grojean: Non-SUSY BSM Higgs
Howard Haber: Extended Higgs Sectors and the Alignment limit
Xiao-Gang He: Flavor physics theory
JoAnne Hewett: Naturalness    
Yu-tin Huang: Amplitudes
Renata Kallosh: Non-linear supersymmetry
Yuri Levin: LIGO    
Hermann Nicolai: Supersymmetry: to be or not to be?
Stefano Profumo: A Dark Needle in a Bright Haystack: Two stories of Astrophysical Searches for Dark Matter
Michael Ramsey-Musolf: Baryogenesis    
Chris Rogan: Techniques for Probing SUSY at Colliders 
Alessandro Strumia: The 750 GeV anomaly
Georg Weiglein: Higher-order SUSY Higgs
Yvonne Wong: Cosmic microwave background
Jun'ichi Yokoyama: Inflation
Hitoshi Murayama: Outlook

Andrew Askew: Searches for SUSY at CMS
Antonio Boveia: Dark Matter searches at ATLAS and CMS
Concezio Bozzi: Quark Flavour experiment
Tom Browder: Exotic searches at e+e- colliders and prospects at Belle II
Frank Calaprice: Dark Matter Direct detection        
Davide Costanzo: Overview of SUSY searches with ATLAS
Michele de Gruttola: CMS Higgs experiment
Elliot Lipeles: ATLAS Higgs experiment
Shahram Rahatlou: Exotic searches at ATLAS and CMS
Anselmo Cervera Villanueva: Latest results from neutrino oscillation experiments