Jul 3 – 8, 2016
The University of Melbourne
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Implication of a 750 GeV Diphoton Resonance for Heavy Quark Searches

Jul 5, 2016, 3:20 PM
Alice Hoy Room 242

Alice Hoy Room 242

Talk Non-SUSY and Exotics Non-SUSY and Exotics


Daniele Barducci (Unite Reseaux du CNRS (FR))


The hinted diphoton excess at a mass of 750 GeV suggests the existence
of heavy quarks that mediated the resonance production via gluon fusion.
The decay of the heavy quark into Sq, with q being a SM quark, could
provide a new search channel for heavy quarks.
We consider the case of a singlet vector-like partner of the top quark
and show that it can be searched for at the 13 TeV LHC through its decay
into a scalar resonance in the 2\gamma+\ell final state, especially if
the diphoton branching ratio of the scalar S is further enhanced by the
contribution of non coloured particles. We further show that
conventional heavy quark searches can be sensitive to this new decay
pattern also when S decays into jets by slightly tightening the current
selection cuts. Finally we comment about the possibility of
disentangling the heavy quark decay to St from other standard decay
patterns by scrutinising appropriate kinematic distributions.

Primary author

Daniele Barducci (Unite Reseaux du CNRS (FR))


Dr Andreas Goudelis (Institute of High Energy Physics, Austrian Academy of Sciences) Suchita Kulkarni (Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT)) dipan sengupta

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