3-8 July 2016
The University of Melbourne
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Search for non-standard and rare decays of the Higgs boson with the ATLAS detector

5 Jul 2016, 14:00
Yasuko Hiraoka Myer Room ()

Yasuko Hiraoka Myer Room

Talk Higgs Physics Higgs Physics


Philip Chang (Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (US))


Some theories predict Lepton Flavour Violating decays of the Higgs boson, while other predict enhanced decay rates in rare modes like Z-photon, J/Psi-photon, Phi-photon or into pairs of light pseudoscalar bosons "a". Such decays are searched for using about 10 ifb of p-p collisions at 13 TeV.

Primary author

Philip Chang (Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (US))

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