August 27, 2017 to September 1, 2017
RAI Congress Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Measurements of Persistent Current Effects in FNAL 11 T Nb3Sn Dipole Models

Aug 28, 2017, 6:00 PM
Emerald Room

Emerald Room

Regular 15 minutes Oral Presentation A1 - Superconducting Accelerator Magnets Mon-Af-Or7


Gueorgui Velev (FNAL)


Fermilab, in collaboration with CERN, has developed a twin-aperture 11 T Nb3Sn dipole suitable for the high-luminosity LHC upgrade. During the 2012-2014, a 2-m long single-aperture dipole demonstrator and three 1-m long single-aperture dipole models were fabricated and tested at FNAL Vertical Magnet Test Facility. Collared coils from the two 1-m long models were then used to assemble the first twin-aperture dipole demonstrator. This magnet was extensively tested in 2015-2016 including quench performance, quench protection and field quality. The paper reports the results of measurements of persistent current effects in the single-aperture and twin-aperture 11 T Nb3Sn dipoles and compares them with similar measurements in previous FNAL magnets.

Submitters Country USA

Primary authors


Guram Chlachidze (Fermilab) Joseph DiMarco (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory) Igor Novitski (FERMILAB) Stoyan Stoynev (FNAL (US)) Alexander Zlobin (Fermilab) emanuela barzi (Fermilab)

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