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26-30 September 2016
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Europe/Zurich timezone


Scientific organization

J. Christiansen (CERN, Co-Chair)
A. Marchioro (CERN, Co-Chair)
M. Balzer (KIT)        
J.P. Cachemiche (CPPM–IN2P3)
W. Dabrowski (AGH Krakow)
S. Danzeca (CERN)
P. Farthouat (CERN)
L. Feld (RWTH Aachen University)
M. French (RAL)
A.A. Grillo (SCIPP-UC Santa Cruz)
F. Hahn (CERN)
G. Hall (Imperial College)
M. Hansen (CERN)
G. Iles (Imperial College)
A. Kluge (CERN)
M. Newcomer (U. of Pennsylvania)
W.H. Smith (U. of Wisconsin)
C. de la Taille (OMEGA-CNRS-IN2P3)
S. Veneziano (INFN Rome)
M. Weber (KIT)
J. Withmore (Fermilab)
K. Wyllie (CERN)
E. Dho (CERN, secretary)


Local organization

M. Weber (KIT, Chair)
M. Balzer (KIT)
O. Sander (KIT)

S. Baier (KIT)
C. Buchwald (KIT)
A. Martin (KIT)