Sep 26 – 30, 2016
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Europe/Zurich timezone


We would like to thank our sponsors and promoters:


ASIS Pro  

Asis Pro is a designer and manufacturer of electro-mechanical, embedded computing and integrated solutions that responds to customer needs. From concept to production, our go-to-market strategy and vast experience provides our partners with the competitive advantage they seek when challenged with higher complexity requirements.

Asis-Pro excels with producing High-Performance-Computing chassis (up to 700 watts per slot), backplanes of 40/100 Gbps and tailor-made solutions. We offer a wide range of services such as Thermal Simulation, Electronic Modules, Management / Monitoring SW, Custom Chassis, Custom Backplanes, Signal Integrity Analysis, ATCA/MTCA.0/4, turn-key solutions and Integration.




CAEN - Costruzioni Apparecchiature Elettroniche Nucleari S.p.A. - is recognized as one of the most important industrial players in the Nuclear Physics research market.

Since its establishment in 1979, CAEN operates in a highly specialized international market: the design, the production and the supply of electronic instrumentation for radiation and low light sensors.

CAEN products are used in the most prestigious laboratories, universities and research centers of the world.

The company operative field is focused on two main areas: nuclear physic research (both high and medium-low energies) and its fall-out applications”




Comtel Electronics GmbH has acquired a leadership position in the business of electrical interconnection components and systems, as a manufacturer of standard and custom products, by providing design

services and customized prototypes. Comtel, as an EN IS0 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, uses fully automated fabrication and assembly processes and sophisticated Design To Production (DTP) techniques guaranteeing consistently high quality products. Our standard-architecture product range includes VME, VME64x, VXI, VXS, VPX, openVPX, Gigabit VME64x, CompactPCI®, PXI, AdvancedTCA®  and microTCATM.




DESY is one of the world’s major accelerator centres and a leading developer of high performance control systems. As part of its mission as a public research organisation, DESY collaborates with industry to promote new technologies that will benefit society and encourage innovations. At the moment the main focus is the development and installation of system components for the European XFEL, a next-generation free electron laser currently under construction at DESY.

DESY develops MicroTCA.4 boards (both AMCs and RTMs) and makes these designs available to industry and research facilities through licensing. The newly founded MicroTCA.4 Technology Lab will soon provide a broad portfolio of support, consulting and training activities for the growing MicroTCA community.




Research projects are highly demanding in terms of finding both performance and reliability. Elma Electronic GmbH accepts this challenge. As a pioneer of MicroTCA.4, Elma offers standard systems for physics applications that can handle even extreme peak loads. Elma is one of the leading solution providers and manufacturer in the field of Packaging Systems and Backplanes. Our standard product portfolio includes all relevant PICMG and VITA specifications like MicroTCA, CompactPCI Serial and OpenVPX as well as all relevant classic architectures like VME64x or AdvancedTCA.



Genair   Glenair designs and manufactures a full range of fiber-optic interconnect products to support space and scientific applications.  These include radiation-tolerant high-speed opto-electronic transceivers running at up to 10Gbps per lane as well as fiber-optic cable assemblies including flat cables and junctions, miniature connectors, inspection and cleaning kits, and training of personnel. 






iseg is a manufacturer of very precise and stable High Voltage Power Supplies with focus on physics applications. The company was founded in 1995. A continuous growth and constant innovation strengthened the company´s market position.

The product portfolio varies from small DC/DC converters up to powerful AC/DC rack HV supplies with up to 10kW power. Multichannel module based HV systems in NIM, VME and Eurocassette standard provide best solutions for large research projects or experiments




N.A.T. provides building blocks and solutions based on common open hardware standards for communication, defense & aerospace, test & measurement, medical and research markets.

At the TWEPP exhibition some of the N.A.T. developed components for MTCA.0 -.4 systems are shown, e.g.

  • MTCA crates
  • power supplies
  • single and double MCHs,
  • AMCs with Multicore-CPU, FPGA, DSP and IO
  • AMC carrier cards for PMC, XMC, FMC
  • AMC adapter cards to connect to PCI or cPCI based systems

The demonstrated, quick and easy to use N.A.T. software is operating system agnostic and supports heterogeneous systems based on N.A.T. and other vendor AMC/MTCA building blocks.




Pentair Technical Solutions is a global leader of systems and solutions that safeguard industrial controls, electrical components, communications hardware as well as electronic devices. The Schroff brand offers a broad portfolio of products including accessories for protecting printed circuit board (PCB) – from card retainers, conduction cooled frames, front panels, and handles to subracks, cases, backplanes, power supplies, cabinets, and pre-assembled chassis for embedded computing systems as well as hardware management solutions. 




powerBridge Computer markets computer systems and boards in applications in telecommunication, industrial automation, medical, transportation, research, defence, and aerospace. We design and integrate computer systems based on standard components and manufacture systems according to customer specifications. Experienced engineers advise and support our customers. Continuity and reliability are our strength.

Our product range includes computer systems and boards based on industry standards. This offering is completed with a wide range of I/O products.

In addition to system integration and ODM/OEM we offer consulting, development systems, driver, protocols, and protocol integration.




Hamburg, Germany’s based Struck Innovative Systeme offers Standalone, PCI Express, VME and MTCA.4 based digitizers and systems for data acquisition and accelerator controls applications. We cover sampling speeds up to 3.2 GSPS and resolutions up to 16-bit.

The modular approach with support for user firmware developments and extensions as well as custom firmware developments guarantees maximum flexibility for a variety of applications. 



W-IE-NE-R Plain & Baus GmbH


For more than 50 years W-IE-NE-R has followed the tradition of developing new technologies in advanced electronics for the benefit of science and industry.

W-IE-NE-R crates and power supplies are known to provide the highest possible power output combined with lowest noise and are built with highest quality. Featuring modular construction and incorporating a unique level of local and remote diagnostic and control tools.