21-25 September 2009
Hotel Barcelo Sants
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Hotel Barcelo Sants

Hotel Barcelo Sants



Ms Sorina Camarasu Pop (CNRS, CREATIS-LRMN)

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NA4 Biomed, Life Sciences SSC

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Grid applications often bring significant computational speed-up but lack a user-friendly interface, thus drastically limiting their user community. This is also the case for gridified radiation therapy simulations performed with the GATE software developed by the OpenGate collaboration. We therefore developed the GateLab, a user-friendly interface composed of a MOTEUR-based web server and a Java client using VBrowser as a GUI to the LFC. Starting from a single user interaction which indicates the main simulation macro file, the GateLab searches for and sends all the needed inputs to the grid. It then splits the simulation into sub-tasks that are submitted to the grid. It monitors the simulation until completion, retrieves and merges the outputs into a location accessible with a simple web URL and keeps track of the simulations history. All these operations are transparent for the end user who does not see the grid complexity behind GateLab. We hope thus extend the usage of the grid.


If possible, poster booth close to the posters "Deployment and evaluation of FIELD-II Matlab ultrasonic simulator on EGEE" and "A comparison of ARC and gLite on medical imaging use-cases"

Primary authors

Mr David Sarrut (CNRS, CREATIS-LRMN, Léon Bérard Cancer Center) Mr Hugues Benoit-Cattin (CNRS, CREATIS-LRMN) Ms Sorina Camarasu Pop (CNRS, CREATIS-LRMN) Mr Tristan Glatard (CNRS, CREATIS-LRMN)

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