TMVA Developers Meeting

Friday, 16 September 2016 - 09:00
CERN (32-1-A24)

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16 Sep 2016
09:00 Introduction and Overview - Lorenzo Moneta (CERN) Dr Sergei Gleyzer (University of Florida (US))   (32-1-A24)
09:15 Parallelisation in TMVA - Omar Andres Zapata Mesa (University of Antioquia & Metropolitan Institute of Technology)   (32-1-A24)
09:25 Jupyter and TMVA - Attila Bagoly   (32-1-A24)
09:45 DNN on GPU in TMVA - Simon Martin Maria Pfreundschuh (Chalmers University of Technology (SE))   (32-1-A24)
10:10 Cross Validation in TMVA - Thomas James Stevenson (University of London (GB)) Georgios Douzas   (32-1-A24)
10:30 Preprocessing, Auto-Encoders in TMVA - Abhinav Moudgil   (32-1-A24)
10:40 Regression and Loss Function in TMVA - Andrew Mathew Carnes (University of Florida (US))   (32-1-A24)
10:50 Interface to Keras - Stefan Wunsch   (32-1-A24)
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