Advanced and Novel Accelerators  for High Energy Physics  Roadmap Workshop 2017

Organised at the initiative of the ICFA panel for Advanced and Novel Accelerators, the ANAR2017 workshop aims at discussing issues to be addressed in the near future to be in a position to identify promising technologies for future advanced accelerators, and to establish an international scientific and strategic roadmap. The general goal is to define an international roadmap towards colliders based on advanced accelerator concepts, including intermediate milestones, and to discuss the needs for international coordination.

The workshop is open to the scientific community at large. It is organized around working groups that will examine the various schemes that are currently under active investigation (LWFA, PWFA, DWA, DLA) as well as those that need to be addressed in the near- mid- and long-term to reach parameters relevant to a high-energy collider.

The last part of the workshop will be dedicated to discussion of the working group results and to the strategy to push forward the development of advanced accelerators in the context of the next international project at the TeV scale.

The results are synthesized in the workshop proceedings.


Information for the working meetings:

WG1 6-2-024

WG2 17-1-007

WG3 18-3-008

WG4 6-R-018





6/2-024 - BE Auditorium Meyrin
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