9-13 July 2018
Sofia, Bulgaria
Europe/Zurich timezone

Scientific Programme

The CHEP conferences address the computing, networking and software issues for the world’s leading data‐intensive science experiments that currently analyze hundreds of petabytes of data using worldwide computing resources. The Conference is a major event in the area (~500 participants), featuring plenary sessions, parallel sections and poster presentations; it publishes peer-reviewed Proceedings. The parallel sessions are split into 8 separate tracks,listed below

  • Track 1 - Online computing

    Track 1 - Online computing

    Keywords: DAQ; HLT; trigger and trigger-less acquisition; data calibration; online reconstruction; filtering and compression; event building; configuration and access controls; detector control systems.

  • Track 2 – Offline computing

    Track 2 – Offline computing

    Keywords: Event generation; simulation and reconstruction; detector geometries; data classification; visualization and data presentation; outreach.

  • Track 3 – Distributed computing

    Track 3 – Distributed computing

    Keywords: Computing models; Grid middleware; monitoring and accounting frameworks; security models and tools; distributed workload; HPC and supercomputers.

  • Track 4 - Data Handling

    Track 4 - Data Handling

    Keywords: Storage management frameworks; data access protocols; object, metadata and event store systems; databases.

  • Track 5 – Software development

    Track 5 – Software development

    Keywords: Software frameworks; software management, building, testing, quality assurance and distribution; programming techniques and tools.

  • Track 6 – Machine learning and physics analysis

    Track 6 – Machine learning and physics analysis

    Keywords: Algorithms for physics object identification; machine learning systems and tools; data and analysis preservation.

  • Track 7 – Clouds, virtualization and containers

    Track 7 – Clouds, virtualization and containers

    Keywords: Cloud, virtual machines and container technologies; anything-as-a-service; private and commercial clouds.

  • Track 8 – Networks and facilities

    Track 8 – Networks and facilities

    Keywords: LAN and WAN; overlay, private and virtual networks; monitoring and management tools; computing centre infrastructure, management and monitoring.

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