18-22 September 2017
Yerevan, Armenia
Etc/GMT+4 timezone

Hadron-Quark Transition in High Density Nuclear Matter

18 Sep 2017, 11:20
Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia

Department of Physics, Alex Manoogian str. 1, Yerevan, Armenia


Misak Sargsian


The talk will focus on the dynamics of nucleon-nucleon repulsive core and
the mechanisms of quark-hadron transition in high density nuclear matter.
The strength of the nuclear repulsion plays an important role in the equation of state of
the nuclear matter and its mechanism is largely unknown.
There are several issues such as hidden-color degrees of freedom, supefast quarks as well as inelastic excitations in nucleon-nucleon systems that currently considered as
possible mechanisms in generating nuclear repulsion. These mechanisms will
be discussed in detail considering their implication in the dynamics of the superdense
nuclear matter. Also the brief overview will be given on the possibilities of experimental
verification of the nuclear core dynamics in fixed target and collider experiments.

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