10th FIM4R Workshop: Federated identity management for Research Collaborations

Other Institutes

Other Institutes

This workshop is cohosted with TIIME http://tiimeworkshop.eu Technikum Wien, University of Applied Sciences Höchstädtplatz 3, 1200 Wien, Austria

Please register for both TIIME and FIM4R to attend: https://tiimeworkshop.eu/registration.html 

Through these workshops, the research communities have converged on a common vision for FIM, enumerated a set of requirements and proposed a number of recommendations for ensuring a roadmap for the uptake of FIM is achieved. These points have been documented in a paper (https://cdsweb.cern.ch/record/1442597).

This 10th workshop will lay the ground work for a version 2 of the FIM4R paper.

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