September 30, 2018 to October 5, 2018
Aix-Les-Bains, Savoie, France
Europe/Zurich timezone


The conference proceedings have been published online at Proceedings of Science HP18.



Please login to your author pages at

For first access or to recover your password, please go to
(please note that your e-mail on our systems is "")

Your contribution must be set in the PoS style and uploaded in the form of a pdf file as specified in the instructions available at

As PoS authors, you are requested to submit a PDF file, and are free to produce this in your favourite way. Please note though that the paper format must be A4 and not US letter, so that the green PoS logo on the title page does not appear partly cut off.

When you login to your Author pages on PoS you will find a link "Workarea". By clicking there and then on the link "template files and instructions" you will download a ZIP file which contains the following:

1. Instructions (pdf),

2. The word processing template (PoStemplate.odt; software available at, for instance,

3. The LaTeX class file (PoS.cls) with the PoS logo ( or PoSlogo.png)

For LaTeX users: unzip the file, save the class and the logo in your working directory, then use the skeleton file to create your contribution.

In order to make your co-authors appear on the webpage of the proceedings, you need to click on the WORKAREA link, submit your contribution and, while your contribution is in the 'open' status, use the "ADD CO-AUTHORS" tool. If they have not been previously registered to the PoS database you will not be able to select them from the list of registered users. In that case, please contact the PoS Editorial Office and send all the information needed to register them (firstname, lastname, e-mail address and affiliation).

The deadline for submission is December 15th, 2018.

Contributions length (NOT including the front page, with the title/author(s)/abstract, which counts as an extra page):

  • 4 pages for paralell and flash talks.
  • 6--8 pages for plenary talks.

For any questions, please contact the PoS Editorial Office at