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31 July 2018 to 6 August 2018
Maynooth University
Europe/Dublin timezone

CP violation in QCD

1 Aug 2018, 17:20
Hall B (Arts Bldg)

Hall B

Arts Bldg

Invited talk E: QCD and New Physics QCD and New Physics


Dr Michael Creutz (Brookhaven Lab)


Among the parameters of QCD is one that results in CP violation when
non-vanishing. This is closely related to possible quark mass terms.
It is conventionally interpreted in terms of gauge field topology or
alternatively in terms of real chiral eigenvalues of the Dirac
operator. There is no experimental evidence for this parameter having
a non-zero value, a puzzle for theories involving unification.

Primary author

Dr Michael Creutz (Brookhaven Lab)

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