Opened Jan 31, 2018
Closed Jul 17, 2018
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In order to register please follow these steps.

Step 1) Fill the form below with your information. This will register you on Indico. An email will be sent to you once this is done, and your name will appear automatically in the list of participants.

Step 2) Follow the instructions in the email to proceed with the payment of the fee. This is itself a two-step process:

2a. The link is a pre-registration. Please do not forget to check the box "Accompagnateur" if you are coming with an accompanying person to the cocktail and to the dinner. Once this pre-registration has been validated by the organisers, an email will instruct you to proceed to the final payment.

2b. The link for the final payment is . Note that this will only work after validation of your pre-registration.

Note: The emails you will receive during the second step are automatically generated by the registration interface (Azur-Colloque). We apologise for their approximate English. We are doing our best to improve the situation.

Registration is closed
The registration period has passed.