Nov 2 – 3, 2017
J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry
Europe/Prague timezone

Scientific Program

Scientific programme

The aim of the Colloquium is to present a status and plans for CP violation measurement in neutrino experiments.  It plans to provide an overview of recent experimental results, theoretical predictions, experiments under construction and planned experiments to measure CP violation in lepton sector. It consists of invited talks.

Confirmed talks

Daya BayZeyuan Yu
JUNOMarcos Dracos
JUNO 2Gioacchino Ranucci
NOvAMark Messier
DUNEStefan Soldner-Rembold
CERN Neutrino PlatformFilippo Resnati
DANSSViacheslav Egorov
Fermilab Short baselineChristos Touramanis
RENOSeon-Hee Seo
Korean Neutrino ObservatorySeon-Hee Seo
IceCubeJustin Evans
KatrinFlorian Fraenkle
Double Beta Decay theoryFedor Simkovic
Double Beta Decay experimentBela Majorovits
Global fits of neutrino dataMariam Tórtola
Neutrinos in CosmologyMichal Malinsky
CloseoutDavid Wark