August 28, 2018 to September 1, 2018
Study Center Raitenhaslach in Burghausen, Germany 
Europe/Zurich timezone

Second Circular


Dear Participant,

We have few more announcements for your regarding the school:
  1. We have now more room for the poster session, therefore you can bring your poster in A0 format if you want to. If you already printed an A1 format poster, it's also fine, both are accepted.
  2. There will be a poster prize for the best poster! In case you did not register a poster, you are still on time to do so. Also, bare in mind that the presentation of your poster during the poster session has a big weight on the decision of the winner.
  3. In case you have not answer the first circular yet, please do as soon as possible. At the end of this week we will close the bus booking so it will be not longer possible to have a place in the shuttle buses to and from the school. This also applies for the diet requirements, since the organisation of the meals needs to have the list by the end of this week, otherwise we will not be able to meet your dietary requirements.
  4. As for the transportation from/to the hotel to the school, there will be buses everyday leaving the hotel at 9:00h and picking up the people at the school at 20:00h. For the excursion day, special times will be announced.
  5. For the free activities, now the program is different and both the river trip and the visit to the castle are offered for everyone. Therefore, feel free to join both since the castle one will happen after the river trip. (include link- develop a bit further?)
  6. Please store this phone number, where we will be reachable at any time, in your contact list for any setback during your trip: +49 173 6707243