12-16 April 2010
Uppsala University
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Gridifying the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) for the sustainable development of the Black Sea region

Apr 13, 2010, 2:20 PM
Room IX (Uppsala University)

Room IX

Uppsala University

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Mr Lukasz Kokoszkiewicz (CERN)


The Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) is one of the main tools used in the hydrology community. In the EU/FP7 EnviroGRIDS project it is used to study the Black See catchment and to simulate complex scenarios. In several cases, such as the study of the interplay of global and local scenarios, the availability of substantial computing resources in the Grid is important.

Conclusions and Future Work

Using grid technology in hydrology is a great opportunity to push it to another level, enabling people to simulate more and more complex and much larger models of our environment. It also brings a new, interesting use case to the grid itself, and provides important experience in solving problems like the parallelisation of applications that were not originally designed to run on the grid.

Detailed analysis

We have ported the SWAT application to the Grid (EGEE infrastructure) and we are preparing to offer the software infrastructure to allow users a seamless access. Ease of use is provided by the availability of a simple yet complete monitoring (based on the Dashboard), and on a low- latency robust job service (Ganga/Diane). In order to further improve performances and the parallelization options within the EnviroGRIDS project, existing tools and activities will be integrated from within the Ganga/DIANE infrastructure, depending on performance and other user requirements.


This work aims to offer a service to the whole hydrology community. The utilization of grid massive computing power makes problems like the calibration and uncertainty analysis of large SWAT models solvable in reasonable periods of time. Thus it will enable the community to undertake much bigger challenges.

Keywords envirogrids, grid, swat, ganga, diane, black sea, hydrology
URL for further information http://www.envirogrids.net/

Primary author


Dr Andrew Maier (CERN) Dr Ann van Griensven (UNESCO-IHE) Dr Anthony Lehmann (University of Geneva) Prof. Dorian Gorgan (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca) Mr Gregory Giuliani (University of Geneva) Dr Nicolas Ray (University of Geneva) Mr Seleshi Yalew (UNESCO-IHE)

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