12-16 April 2010
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Workflow support for multinode tests of Grid components

Apr 12, 2010, 6:57 PM
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Uppsala University

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Robert Lovas (MTA SZTAKI)


Desktop Grid solutions —such as Internet-based distributed or volunteer computing infrastructures— usually collect non-reliable and vulnerable resources from the donors (desktop PC owners) for some selected, grand challenge projects. In this paper we discuss one of the key issues, the software build, test, and validation procedures for such (and similar) heterogeneous environments, based on the workflow based description of multinode tests and ETICS-2 services.

Conclusions and Future Work

According to our first experiences, the application development methods of EDGeS, together with ETICS-2 build and workflow-based test facilities, can provide an efficient solution for the above described efforts. For the future work, we plan to apply these new methods to more applications, and to disseminate the results.


The presented solution tries to offer best practices for other Grid initiatives and projects, and increase the reliability and portability of Grid applications among various flavours of platforms.

Detailed analysis

The aim of the validation phase is to assure that the application causes no harm to the computers of Desktop Grid donors and also that it conforms to the generic aims of the target Desktop Grid system. This stage is inevitable in order to deploy the application on a Desktop Grid platform, where individuals or institutions offer their volunteer resources for the computation.

In the framework of the EDGeS project MTA SZTAKI has started utilizing some high level, workflow-based solutions for these purposes developed in the ETICS-2 project.

The main goal of the high level workflow tool is to ease the multi-node test design, when the required services are deployed on different machines, and where the data exchanges between different phases of complex multi-node deployment on different nodes are crucial.

URL for further information http://etics-project.eu
Keywords testing, deployment, workflow, ETICS

Primary author

Robert Lovas (MTA SZTAKI)

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