PHENOEXP 2018: LHC Physics and beyond




The main goal of this workshop is to bring experimentalists and theorists together to reflect on the current and future opportunities in the field of particle physics. Subjects to be discussed include Higgs, QCD, flavor and BSM physics at the LHC. The target participants are researchers in Brazil and Argentina directly involved in this field, to stimulate close and profitable collaborations for the next decade. This would be the first workshop of this kind in the region, and we hope that indeed it could develop into a Workshop with a regular frequency. 

Financial support for lodging expenses can be provided to a limited number of participants. Applications for financial support must be addressed to before March 10. (closed)


In order to stimulate collaborations, we invite you to propose a short presentation (12’+3 minutes for discussion, one talk per research line/group) describing the main line of your work.

Call for presentations is open! (click in Call for abstracts) Deadline APRIL 9

We will organize more topical working group encounters during the meeting according to the interests informed at the registration, with the main idea of encouraging further discussions.

Lodging and Venue Location

The easiest way to arrive at ICAS is by taking the train “Mitre line”, that runs from Retiro (terminal train station in Buenos Aires) towards Jose Leon Suarez (be aware that there are several branches of Mitre) and getting off at station Miguelete, which is almost inside the campus of the University (and then you have just a 5 minutes walk inside campus).

Concerning lodging, any hotel which is close to one the train stations of that line is very convenient. Buenos Aires is full of hotels of different qualities and prices, but for a few days we can recommend to stay in Palermo (where you find the train stations 3 de Febrero and Ministro Carranza), which offers many opportunities to enjoy the life of the city.

We have arranged a special tariff with hotel Cristóforo Colombo Palermo  ( U$85 single or double (per room), Taxes (21%) included . Please contact them at stating that you are participating in an ICAS workshop (for the special offer). 


  • Alejandro Szynkman
  • Ana Gabriela Grunfeld
  • Andre Lessa
  • Andre Nepomuceno
  • Andre Sznajder
  • Andres Daniel Perez
  • Anibal Medina
  • Arthur Moraes
  • Bastian Diaz
  • Carla Göbel
  • Carsten Hensel
  • Cristiano Brenner Mariotto
  • Daniel Camargo
  • Daniel de Florian
  • Daniel Díaz
  • Daniel E. Lopez-Fogliani
  • Daniel Gomez Dumm
  • Dario Rodrigues
  • Diogo Boito
  • Elaine Fortes
  • Enrico Bertuzzo
  • Erica Polycarpo
  • Ezequiel Alvarez
  • Facundo Rost
  • Federico Lamagna
  • Fernanda Gonçalves Abrantes
  • Francisco Alonso
  • Gero Gersdorff
  • Gonzalo Lucero
  • Gustavo Burdman
  • Gustavo Contrera
  • Gustavo Otero Y Garzon
  • Helena Malbouisson
  • Hernan Wahlberg
  • Ignacio Borsa
  • Ignacio Fabre
  • Irina Nasteva
  • Jonathan David Bossio Sola
  • Juan Pablo Carlomagno
  • Leandro Da Rold
  • Leandro de Paula
  • Lucas Ramos
  • Manuel Der
  • Manuel Epele
  • Manuel Szewc
  • Maria Roberta Devesa
  • Maria Teresa Dova
  • Mariana Toscani
  • Mariel Estevez
  • Martin Schvellinger
  • María Florencia Izzo Villafañe
  • Milva Gabriela Orsaria
  • Miriam Mendes Gandelman
  • Máximo Coppola
  • Nicolás Mileo
  • Norberto Scoccola
  • Pablo Daniel Bergamasco
  • Pedro Galli Mercadante
  • Ricardo D'Elia Matheus
  • Ricardo Piegaia
  • Roberto Morales
  • Rocio Bermudez
  • Rodolfo Sassot
  • Rogerio Rosenfeld
  • Rosa María Sandá Seoane
  • Sandra Amato
  • Sebastián Ferraris
  • Sylvain Fichet
  • Yamila Rotstein Habarnau
Daniel de Florian