Theia workshop

University of California, Davis

University of California, Davis

Robert Charles Svoboda (University of California Davis (US)), Jingbo Wang (University of California Davis (US)), Vincent Fischer (University of California at Davis), Leon Pickard, Gabriel Orebi Gann (UC Berkeley / LBNL), Gabriel Orebi Gann (LBL)

Theia is a potential multi-purpose, large-scale neutrino detector in its very early design stages. It aims to utilize water-based liquid scintillator or lightly-doped oil as a detector medium coupled with very fast timing to study a broad physics program. Its prospects include the capability to detect and measure neutrinos over a very broad energy spectrum, with the potential to deduce the hierarchical nature of neutrinos, measure the level of CP violation in the lepton sector and potentially determine whether the neutrino is Majorana in nature. Furthermore, Theia will be able to study neutrinos from multiple sources including the Fermilab LBNF beam, atmospheric neutrinos, the Earth, the Sun, galactic supernovae, and the diffuse flux of cosmological supernova neutrinos.

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Theia workshop 2018
  • Adam bernstein
  • Andrey Elagin
  • Benjamin Land
  • Bjoern Wonsak
  • Carlene Santiago
  • Chris Grant
  • Christine Kraus
  • Christopher Mauger
  • David Vardiman
  • Doug Cowen
  • Ed Callaghan
  • Elizabeth Worcester
  • Emrah Tiras
  • Evan Angelico
  • Frank Krennrich
  • Gabriel Orebi Gann
  • Javier Caravaca
  • Jingbo Wang
  • John Gregory Learned
  • Jonathan Eisch
  • Joshua Klein
  • Julie He
  • Kenneth Lande
  • Leon Pickard
  • Marc Bergevin
  • Mark Vagins
  • Matthew Malek
  • Matthew Wetstein
  • Mayly Sanchez
  • Michael Wilking
  • Michael Wurm
  • Minfang Yeh
  • Phillip Barbeau
  • Richard Bonventre
  • Sebastian Lorenz
  • Sebastian Torres-Lara
  • Steve Dye
  • Thomas Kutter
  • Tomi Akindele
  • Vincent Fischer
  • Wladyslaw Henryk Trzaska