26 August 2018 to 1 September 2018
Reggio Calabria, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Social events

  • August 26 (Sunday), 19.00 - 20.00

    Welcome drink at the Grand Hotel Excelsior

  • August 29 (Wednesday), 14.30 - 20.00 ca


    option A - Trip to Bagnara Calabra and Scilla

    Departure for Bagnara Calabra at 2.30 pm, where we will take a place in a beach and enjoy the wonderful sea. Then we will taste a “granite” (water ice) with brioche, a local speciality. In the late afternoon, roughly around 18:30, we will move to Scilla, called "the pearl of the Strait of Messina", known for the Homeric myth of the monsters of Scylla and Charybdis. From the waterfront we will enter the narrow streets of the fishermen district of Chianalea up to reach the Castle of Ruffo. In the evening we will return to the hotel.

    option B - Trip to Gerace

    Gerace is known as "the city of a hundred churches", a charming medieval village founded by the refugees of Locri. We leave from Reggio Calabria at 2.30 pm and start the tour around 4 pm. We will reach the village by tourist train. We will visit the Cathedral, the largest in southern Italy, built under Norman rule in the 8th century. the little church of San Giovannello deserves particular attention, situated in the heart of Gerace and built in the eleventh century, the church today is a Greek Orthodox parish. From the beautiful balconies (called "bombards") we will then enjoy a wonderful scenery. Around 19:00 we will departure to return to Reggio Calabria for dinner time.

  • August 30 (Thursday), 20.00 - 22.00 ca

    Night visit to the Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria

  • August 31 (Friday), 20.30 - 23.00 ca

    Social dinner at the Altafiumara Resort in S. Trada