26 August 2018 to 1 September 2018
Reggio Calabria, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Scientific Programme

  • Diffraction in e-p and e-A collisions

    Conveners: Jochen Bartels, Abhay Deshpande, Marta Ruspa

    Inclusive DIS: total cross sections, structure functions, heavy flavors
    Inclusive diffraction and dijets in DIS
    Hard diffractive photoproduction
    Exclusive final states in diffractive DIS (vector mesons, DVCS, etc.)
    Analyticity/duality models of inclusive/diffractive reactions; Pomeron trajectory
    Diffraction at the EIC
    Forward detectors and Roman pots

  • Diffraction and photon physics in hadron-hadron and heavy-ion collisions

    Conveners: Valentina Avati, Alan Martin, Christina Mesropian, Boris Kopeliovich

    Soft and hard diffraction at the hadron colliders
    Total and inelastic cross section measurements
    Odderon physics
    Central exclusive production
    Forward physics at the LHC
    Forward detectors
    Gamma-p and gamma-gamma collisions at hadron colliders
    Low-x physics at LHC
    Beyond standard model and photon exchange processes
    Phenomenology of gap survival probability
    Monte Carlo for soft and hard processes
    Heavy ion collisions at RHIC and EIC
    Phenomenology of diffraction off nuclei
    Ultraperipheral collisions

  • Spin physics

    Conveners: Barbara Badelek, Umberto D'Alesio

    New results on spin physics
    Spin and polarization physics
    Prospects in spin physics
    Generalized parton distributions
    Transverse momentum dependent PDFs

  • QCD and parton saturation physics

    Conveners: Victor Goncalves, Dmitry Ivanov, Timothy Raben

    Perturbative QCD and factorization issues
    Leading-twist diffraction and the breakdown of pQCD factorization theorems
    Leading-twist diffractive DIS and nuclear shadowing
    Non-universal antishadowing
    Progress in AdS/QCD and related topics
    Diffractive dijet, hadrons light-front wavefunction from AdS/QCD, and color transparency
    New results in the BFKL physics
    New results in the color dipole/kt-factorization approach
    New results within the Color Glass Condensate model
    Saturation and evolution
    Diffraction from non-perturbative QCD

  • Low-x, PDFs and hadronic final state

    Conveners: Amanda Cooper Sarkar, Paolo Gunnellini, Lech Szymanowski

    PDFs at low and high x
    Jet cross sections
    Fat jets
    Vector meson, pion, etc. productions