Sep 5 – 7, 2018
Europe/London timezone

The workshop program will be devoted to review our first 13 TeV measurements and prepare ourselves for our full Run 2 high precision legacy papers. We also want to exploit synergies with other ATLAS physics groups as much as possible and encourage common analysis strategies where it is beneficial to maximize the scientific output. A particular focus will be placed on constrains of effective field theories, our interplay with the Higgs- and Top-Working groups as well as reinterpretations of SM measurements in BSM scenarios.

The Wednesday sessions will be dedicated to ATLAS internal  presentations and discussions. Two morning sessions, on Thursday and Friday, will be dedicated to discussions between experiment and theory.

On Thursday afternoon we will visit a Shakespeare play, followed by the workshop dinner.

Mind that this page is public and will hence not contain sensitive ATLAS-internal material.  For the time table of the ATLAS-internal sessions, please see the internal WS page.



Registration for this event is currently open.