18-22 February 2019
Vienna University of Technology
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Positron tracking detector for J-PARC muon g-2/EDM experiment

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Vienna University of Technology

Vienna University of Technology

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Poster Semiconductor Detectors Poster Session B


Takashi Yamanaka (Kyushu University)


The muon anomalous magnetic moment (g-2) and the electric dipole moment
(EDM) are calculated with high precisions in the Standard Model (SM) and are
suitable to search for new physics beyond the SM. J-PARC muon g−2/EDM (E34)
experiment aims to measure g−2 with a precision of 0.1 ppm and search for EDM
with a sensitivity of $10^{−21}$ e$\cdot$cm with a different method from the muon g−2/
EDM experiments at BNL and FNAL. We utilize high intensity proton beam at
J-PARC and a newly developed technique of reaccelerated thermal muon beam.
This muon beam is accelerated to 300 MeV/c and is injected to the storage
magnet with a 3 T magnetic field using a newly developed 3-D spiral injection
scheme. Positrons from muon decays are detected by the silicon strip tracking detector.

The positron tracking detector consists of 40 modules called vanes. Each vane
consists of 16 silicon strip sensors. The data from the silicon strip sensors are
transferred to the front-end readout system via flexible printed circuits (FPCs)
glued on the sensors. Front-end readout consists of ASICs on other FPCs and
the FPGA-based readout board. Heat of ASICs is transferred to cooling plates
via the FPCs.

Mass production of silicon strip sensors has been started. Designs of FPCs for
sensors and readout ASICs are fixed and mass production will start soon.
Developments of other detector components are ongoing. The status of these
fabrications and developments will be presented.

Primary author

Takashi Yamanaka (Kyushu University)


Mr Taihei Aoyagi (ELPH, Tohoku University) Hirokazu Ikeda (JAXA) Masahiro Ikeno (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)) Mr Ito Takumi (Kyushu University) Dr Kazuki Ueno (KEK) Prof. Tomohisa Uchida (IPNS, KEK) Kiyotomo Kawagoe (Kyushu University (JP)) Dr Tetsuichi Kishishita (IPNS, KEK) Tatsuya Kume (KEK) Dr Takashi Kohriki (IPNS, KEK) Naohito SAITO (KEK / J-PARC) Osamu Sasaki (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (JP)) Nobuhiko Sato (MEC, KEK) Mr Tomoya Sata (Kyushu University) Dr Yutaro Sato (KEK) Masayoshi Shoji (IPNS, KEK) Taikan Suehara (Kyushu University (JP)) Shohei Shirabe (Kyushu University (JP)) Mr Yuki Sue (Nagoya University) Prof. Toshimi Suda (ELPH, Tohoku University) Hiroshi Sendai (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization) toshikazu takatomi (KEK) Manobu Tanaka (KEK) Kyo Tsukada (ELPH, Tohoku University) Yuki Tsutsumi (Kyushu University) Junji Tojo (Kyushu University (JP)) Mr Kazuki Namba (ELPH, Tohoku University) Shoichiro Nishimura (The Univ. of Tokyo) Dr Yuki Honda (ELPH, Tohoku University) Mr Masato Matama (Kyushu University) Tsutomu Mibe (KEK/IPNS) Takeshi Murakami (INPS, KEK) Mr Hiromasa Yasuda (The University of Tokyo) Prof. Tamaki Yoshioka (RCAPP, Kyushu University)

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