May 19 – 23, 2019
Europe/Madrid timezone

Accepted Posters

Cebrián, Susana - Universidad de Zaragoza Radioassay Program for Rare Event experiments using Micromegas
Tamae, Kyoko - Tohoku University Development of the database for low-background studies in Kamioka
Thomas Zambardi - CNRS Environmental studies at the LAFARA underground laboratory (French Pyrénées)
Brianna Mount - Black Hills State University Ultra-Low Background Counting at the Sanford Underground Research Facility
F.Perrot, C.Cerna - University of Bourdeaux Radon emanation of photomultipliers glass measurements and comparison with gamma spectrometry
Degering, Detlev - VKTA Analysis of Tritium on environmental levels in the underground laboratory Felsenkeller Dresden, Germany
Zhang, Xuantong - IHEP, CAS Study on the Large Area MCP-PMT Glass Radioactivity Reduction
Kyungmin Seo - Center for Underground Physics in korea. Radon chamber detectors for rare-process search experiments
Kyungmin Seo - Center for Underground Physics in korea. Measurements of internal alpha activities in the AMoRE-pilot CaMoO4 crystals