Committee members

Local Organizing Committee

Marco Pignatari (chair)

Brad Gibson

James Keegans

Tom Lawson

Jacob Tomassi

Scientific Organizing Committee

Benoit Cote (Konkoly, NuGrid_coPI, JINA_CEE, ChETEC)

Brad Gibson (Hull, JINA_CEE, BRIDGCE)

Falk Herwig (UVIC, NuGrid, JINA_CEE)

Raphael Hirschi (Keele, NuGrid, BRIDGCE, ChETEC)

Sam Jones (Los Alamos, NuGrid_PI, JINA_CEE)

Alison Laird (York, NuGrid_coPI, BRIDGCE, ChETEC)

Marco Pignatari (Hull, NuGrid_coPI, JINA_CEE, BRIDGCE, ChETEC)

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