12-23 October 2020
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Improvement of EAST Data Acquisition Configuration Management

Oct 13, 2020, 4:36 PM
Poster presentation Data Acquisition System Architectures Poster session B-01


Dr CHEN, Ying (ASIPP) Dr LI, ShiDr WANG, Feng


The data acquisition console is one component of EAST data acquisition system, which provides unified configuration management for data acquisition and data storage. The data acquisition console was developed many years ago, and with the increasing of data acquisition nodes and the emergence of new control nodes, the function of configuration management has become inadequate. It can’t manage the new control nodes and no one except the DAQ administrator can inquiry the signals information, so it is planned to update the configuration management function of the data acquisition console. The updated data acquisition console consists of a software component based on LabVIEW and a website based on PHP. The software component is mainly used for the DAQ administrator, with the functions of setting configuration parameters, inquiring configuration, publishing configuration parameters, monitoring the data acquisition nodes, and control the data acquisition process. The website provides all experimenters with inquiry signals information and data acquisition device parameters. The updated data acquisition console is in design now and is expected to be tested in next EAST campaign.

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