Oct 12 – 23, 2020
GMT timezone

Membership Desk

IEEE NPSS Virtual Membership Desk

During the duration of the conference, you can become an IEEE and NPSS member. We offer one year free membership for students, and 50% discount on IEEE membership (plus free NPSS membership) for professionals. If you want to learn more, please contact Albe Larson <a.m.larsen@ieee.org> and schedule an interactive Zoom meeting with her. You can then learn all the benefits by going to her Zoom Room.

Here are a few of the benefits you receive as an IEEE NPSS member:

  • Be a member of the largest professional society with more than 400'000 members world-wide (more than 50% outside North America!)
  • Support the organization of this conference to ensure its quality in the future.
  • Support our society and improve your networking
  • Join extra groups such as Women in Engineering or Young Professionals
  • Receive student grants and child care assistance for various conferences
  • Become eligible for various NPSS and IEEE awards
  • Register for on-line courses only offered for our members
  • Become an IEEE Senior Member or even an IEEE Fellow
  • Improve your interdisciplinary competences though our conferences and publications
  • Join a committee, review papers, help organize conferences to enhance your CV!
  • Learn scientific and social skills, get management education by volunteering for conferences and paper reviews, where you can bring in your new ideas.
  • Significant cost savings at conference registration.

Hours of the Membership Desk

Mon Oct 12, 16:20-17:00 UTC (During poster session) [9:20-10:00 US/Pacific]

Tue Oct 13, 16:05-16:45 UTC (During poster session) [9:05-09:45 US/Pacific]

Wed Oct 14, 16:20-17:00 UTC [9:20-10:00 US/Pacific]

Thu Oct 15, 16:20-17:00 UTC [9:20-10:00 US/Pacific]

Fri Oct 16, 16:20-17:00 UTC [9:20-10:00 US/Pacific]

and upon request to Albe Larsen <a.m.larsen@ieee.org>