Monte Carlo generators for the modelling of multijet processes in ATLAS at 13 TeV

Apr 10, 2019, 9:48 AM
Palazzo Badini-Confalonieri - Sala Lauree

Palazzo Badini-Confalonieri - Sala Lauree

Via Verdi, 10 Turin
Parallel Session Talk WG4: Hadronic and Electroweak Observables WG4: Hadronic and Electroweak Observables


Evelin Meoni (Universita della Calabria e INFN (IT))


Most of the interesting physics at the LHC involves final states with hadronic jets. We present new Monte Carlo event generator configurations used by the ATLAS experiment to model multi-jet processes in pp collisions at 13 TeV. The different generators are compared to each other and to 13 TeV ATLAS measurements in kinematic distributions sensitive both to the kinematic of hard process and to the effect of shower and non-perturbative effects.Recipes for evaluating uncertainties covering differences related to the matrix-element generator and matching, the shower radiation, and hadronisation effects are also presented.

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