WG4: Hadronic and Electroweak Observables

Apr 9, 2019, 8:30 AM
Palazzo Badini-Confalonieri - Sala Lauree

Palazzo Badini-Confalonieri - Sala Lauree

Via Verdi, 10 Turin

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Mariola Kłusek-Gawenda (IFJ PAS), Antoni Szczurek (Institute of Nuclear Physics), Rainer Schicker (Ruprecht Karls Universitaet Heidelberg (DE)), Mariola Ambroziak (u), Dr Mariola Klusek-Gawenda (Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences)
4/9/19, 4:15 PM
WG4: Hadronic and Electroweak Observables
Parallel Session Talk

So far light-by-light scattering ($\gamma\gamma\to\gamma\gamma$) was not accessible for experiments because the corresponding cross section is rather low. Measurements of diphotons in ultra-peripheral collisions (UPCs) of lead-lead have been reported recently by the ATLAS [1] and CMS Collaborations [2]. Our theoretical results based on equivalent photon approximation in the impact parameter...

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