Testing collinear factorization in a spectator model with mass corrections

Apr 10, 2019, 9:50 AM
Rettorato - Aula Magna

Rettorato - Aula Magna

Via Verdi, 8 Turin
Parallel Session Talk WG1: Structure Functions and Parton Densities WG1:Structure Functions and Parton Densities


Juan Guerrero (Hampton University/Jefferson Lab)


In perturbative QCD, the masses of the hadrons involved in high energy reactions can usually be neglected. However, in the case of production of Kaons in electron-proton collisions at low (and not so low) beam energies this may not be a good approximation. In particular, a recent proposal to include hadron masses in theoretical calculations shows how these Hadron Mass Corrections can explain a large discrepancy observed in measurements performed at the HERMES and COMPASS experiments. In this talk, I will present spectator model calculations designed to test the range of validity of the approximations needed in the proposed factorization scheme.

Primary author

Juan Guerrero (Hampton University/Jefferson Lab)


Alberto Accardi (Hampton U. and Jefferson Lab)

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