Jul 1 – 5, 2019
Trinity College Dublin
Europe/Dublin timezone

Scattering amplitudes in quantum field theory describe the interactions of fundamental particles and fields, both known and undiscovered. Their calculation is vital to discovery experiments at the high-energy frontier and to precision studies of elusive particles, such as the Higgs boson. In recent years, techniques developed for the computation of scattering amplitudes have pointed to deep new structures and symmetries within and among gauge theories, string theories, and gravity, hinting at geometric principles underlying physical theories. Topics discussed at the conference will include computational techniques, phenomenological studies with applications to LHC physics and gravitational observables, advances in specific theories of interest including integrable structures and gauge-gravity relations, relations of Feynman diagrams to number theory, and geometrical/combinatorial formulations such as the amplituhedron.

Trinity College Dublin
Tercentenary Hall, TBSI Building
152-160 Pearse Street Dublin 2 Ireland