Jul 1 – 5, 2019
Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Cosmology provides us a unique arena where gravitation and quantum physics meet each other. It is also a unique probe of ultra-high energy physics beyond energies that can be achieved at colliders.  This conference aims at bringing together top researchers in the field to present recent breakthroughs, discuss on what we have learnt and what challenges we are still facing. The focus of this event involves several interrelated areas, from fundamental gravity theory through cosmology to new physics beyond standard model of particle physics. It includes, but not limited to:


(1) Physics of Primordial Universe; (5) Black Hole Physics;
(2) Modified Gravity Theories; (6) CMB and Large Scale Structure;
(3) Cosmological Constant Problem, Dark energy; (7) Gravitational Waves;
(4) Dark matter, Baryon asymmetry;  

The registration has opened.

A message to phd students:

We will provide local accommodations for the phd students with accepted abstract submissions (contributed talk). Therefore, if you need local support, please register yourself and submit your abstract early. 

Depending on our budget, we may provide accommodations for some small number of PhD students in poster session as well. 

List of Invited speakers (alphabetical order)

  • Celine Boehm
  • Yi-fu Cai
  • Mu-Chun Chen 
  • Xingang Chen
  • Marco Cirelli
  • Anne-Christine Davis
  • Emanuela Dimastrogiovanni 
  • Matteo Fasiello
  • Gregory Gabadadze
  • Dumitru Ghilencea
  • Elena Giusarma
  • Andrzej Królak
  • Michele Liguori
  • Andrei Linde 
  • Shinji Mukohyama
  • Antonio Padilla
  • Clem Pryke 
  • Arttu Rajantie
  • Graham Ross
  • Misao Sasaki
  • Géraldine Servant
  • Alexander Vikman
  • David Wands
  • Yi Wang
  • Marcus Werner
  • Wei Xue


This is the summer session of a series of seasonal workshops on gravity and cosmology, held in the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. The last winter session can be found here , and the spring session can be found here . 

Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw
conference hall 0.03, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw ul. Pasteura 5, 02-093 Warszawa Poland

Local Organising Committee Fellows:

Bohdan Grządkowski,

Mikołaj Korzyński,

Zygmunt Lalak,

Chunshan Lin (chair),

Łukasz Nakonieczny,

Krzysztof Turzyński

Registration for this event is currently open.