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31 May 2010 to 4 June 2010
Europe/Zurich timezone

List of Plenary Speakers

The following people have confirmed their participation:

  • N. Arkani-Hamed (IAS): "Scattering amplitudes and emergent spacetime"
  • R. Barbieri (Pisa): "A non-standard supersymmetric spectrum"
  • G. Branco (Lisbon): "Multi-Higgs models and minimal flavour violation"
  • W. Buchmuller (Desy): "Broken R-parity in the Sky and at the LHC"
  • M. Buican (CERN): "SUSY breaking in N=2 QFT"
  • M. Carena (FNAL & Chicago University): "The MSSM and beyond"
  • K. Choi (KAIST): "Mass and spin measurements with MT2 and MAOS momentum"
  • R. Contino (U. of Rome): "Strong double Higgs production"
  • L. Covi (Desy): "Stable gravitino Dark Matter and the SUSY spectrum"
  • C. Csaki (Cornell): "Electroweak symmetry breaking from monopole condensation"
  • B. Dobrescu (FNAL): "Uplifted supersymmetric Higgs region"
  • E. Dudas (Ecole Polytechnique): "Non-linear MSSM"
  • T. Gherghetta (U. of melbourne): "Generating fermion mass in emergent electroweak symmetry breaking"
  • B. Gripaios (CERN): "The race for SUSY"
  • L. Hall (UC Berkeley): "A finely-predicted Higgs mass from a finely-tuned weak scale"
  • A. Hebecker (U. of Heidelberg): "Precision gauge unification from extra Yukawa couplings"
  • G. Isidori (Frascati): "Higgs-mediated flavour-changing neutral currents"
  • E. Kiritsis (U. of Crete): "Gravity from the landscape of gauge theories"
  • M. Luty (UC Davis): "Strong breaking of electroweak symmetry"
  • J. March-Russell (Oxford): "Physics of Plenitude"
  • H. Murayama (UC Berkeley and IPMU): "LHC and Tevatron physics"
  • H.P. Nilles (U. of Bonn): "The discrete beauty of local grand unification"
  • M. Nojiri (KEK and IPMU): "On weighting the superpartners at the 'early stage' of LHC"
  • S. Paganis on behalf of the ATLAS collaboration (U. of Sheffield)
  • G. Perez (Weizmann Institute): "Aspects of 3rd generation physics at the LHC"
  • A. Pich (U. of Valence): "Flavour constraints on the aligned two-Higgs-doublet model"
  • S. Pokorski (U. of Warsaw): "Beyond minimal flavour violation in family symmetry theories of the fermion masses"
  • A. Pomarol (U. of Barcelona): "Higgs and co."
  • J. Qian on behalf of the D0 collaboration (U. of Michigan): "Selected results from D0"
  • F. Quevedo (U. of Cambridge and ICTP): "Recent developments in the LARGE volume string scenario"
  • M. Quiros (U. of Barcelona): "Electroweak symmetry breaking from a SM bulk Higgs"
  • L. Randall (Harvard): "Resonances at the LHC"
  • R. Rattazzi (EPFL): "The naturally light dilaton"
  • M. Redi (CERN): "Partially supersymmetric composite Higgs models"
  • F. Ronga on behalf of the CMS collaboration (ETH Zurich): "CMS overview"
  • G. Ross (Oxford): "Testing SUSY"
  • S. Rychkov (LPT ENS and Jussieu): "Towards self-consistent theory of small-angle transplanckian scattering"
  • G. Senjanovic (ICTP)
  • P. Skands (CERN): "From partons to pions"
  • S. Sibiryakov (EPFL and INR, Moscow): "Gravity without relativity: exploring new approach to quantum gravity"
  • A. Strumia (Pisa): "News on Dark Matter"
  • R. Sundrum (Johns Hopkins U.): "SUSY splits, but then returns"
  • A. Uranga (U. of Madrid): "D-brane instantons and phenomenological applications" 
  • G. Weiglein (Desy): "Prospects for SUSY and Higgs phenomenology at the LHC"
  • D. Whiteson on behalf of the CDF collaboration (UC Irvine): "Recent results from CDF"
  • F. Zwirner (Padova): "Minimal Z' models and the early LHC"