May 12 – 18, 2019
Split, Croatia
Europe/Zagreb timezone

tCSC 2019 Live!

tCSC 2019 Movie

The tCSC 2019 Movie is out! Enjoy:

Photo contest

Following the announcement during the closing ceremony, here is the list of winners of the photo contest. Congratulations to all the photographers:

Social:  Cristian Schuszter

Humorous: Adeel Ahamd

School spirit: Akanksha Ahuja

Sports: Sebastian Lopienski

Artistic: Sharad Agarwal

Landscape: Artem Amirkhanov

Evening Activities

Posted on Friday, May 17th at 7:30

Split Tour & Transport

After the Closing ceremony, we meet at 18:15, by MEDILS reception and we will be shuttled to St Francis Church by the harbour, where a guided tour has been organised for us to visit this beautiful city.

Evening Meal at Split

We are having our dinner at the Chops-grill, restaurant located at the center of Split old town. The dinner will start at 20:00.

Tončićeva ul. 4, 21000, Split. map

Back to Medils

For the ones who would like to come back to Medils directly after the dinner, the bus is scheduled at 22:45. Otherwise, if as us (the organisers) you will stay at Split a little longer, you organise your return to Medils ;)

Table tennis tournament

Posted Thursday, May 16th at 16:15

After a thrilling tournament, we're happy to announce the results and congratulate the big winners:

Supreme Champion: Ao Xu

Worthy Adversary: Nis Meinert

Maybe Next Time: Syed Ali Zahir Bukhari

4th place: Andrius Kirilovas

Congratulation to all participants! Full results at

Photo Contest

Posted Thursday, May 16th at 9:42

Amateur photographer? Here is your chance to unveil your talent to the world!

                 ¡¡ Enter the CSC Photo Contest !!


  • No more than 5 photos per person.

  • A jury member can submit photos.

Photos will be judged across 4 categories:

  • Surprising & humourous

  • Sports, activites & excursions

  • Artistic

  • School spirit

How to submit:

1) Go to the CSC 2019 photo gallery at and select Upload

2) Select yourself as the photographer and click Apply

3) For each photo that you want to submit, select it and copy the URL

4) Paste the URL(s) into an email and send it to Nikos and Joelma at

(deadline for submission today Thursday 16, 7:00pm)

Photos and videos

Upload your Pictures to the Photo Gallery,

and your Videos to CERNbox:

Announcements for Thursday May 16th

Posted on Wednesday 15 May at 12:10

Table tennis tournament

The tournament takes place on Thursday May 16th at 14:00 and lasts about 2 hours. The bracket and results are available at

Register, play and be the winner :-)

(registration deadline: 16 May 2019, 12:00)

Wednesday - Today Sports afternoon

Posted on Wednesday, May 15 at 7:30

The majority of us are going for rafting, down the bouncy rapids, lurking in the amazing Cetina river canyon, others are hiking or visiting the town, as the following choices:

After the activities, we are all meeting for a delicious traditional "peka" dinner at the Kaštil Slanica - Restaurant - Omiš (location map here).


The bus leaves MEDILS at 13:45.


Forecast sunny with some cloud and possibly a localised shower, up to 15'C. Evening will be cooler, especially next to the river where we eat.

You will need to bring:

For rafting - footwear that you don't mind getting wet (you will get wet), light clothes (eg. shorts, t-shirt ... which will get wet), and a lightweight windproof cagoule/k-way if you have one (....which will get wet). If it's not obvious by now, you are going to get soaking wet.

After, for the evening/dinner - a towel, warm dry clothing and another pair of shoes to get changed for the evening.

For hiking - appropriate shoes for walk.

Bring your suncream and mosquito spray, if you have one, it may be helpful.


Dinner is at the Kaštil Slanica at 18:30. We eat indoor, but it may be cool as it is next to the river, so bring a pullover to keep warm.

People staying in Omis or hiking

For those who are visiting Omis instead of rafting, you will travel on the bus with everyone and be dropped off in Omis. The bus will pick you up later to bring you to Kaštil Slanica.

Be ready to leave Omis at 18h15 (pick-up point here)

School Pictures - taken on 14th May 2019

Wednesday Sports afternoon

Posted on Tuesday, May 14 at 11:00

For Tomorrow afternoon activity, you have the choice to do our traditional Rafting, wich will take place in the very beautiful Cetina river, in the middle of the nature. Or do hiking, or visit Omis town. Please sign up with your choice:

Students presentation

Posted on Tuesday, May 14 at 17:30

We have just finished a particularly interesting student presentations session, with very varied topics ranging from the history of particle interactions, to improving software quality and performance, to tools for planning your next backpacking trip. Congratulations to all the speakers!

Students presentation on 14th May 2019

Today Official School Photo

Posted on Tuesday, May 14 at 11:00

Is taking place Today at 15:45, please put on your t-shirt and be on time:)

Survey to fill in for the closing dinner

Posted on Monday, May 13 at 12:55

Please fill this survey in with your choice: . Thank you!

Evening Activities

Posted on Sunday, May 12 at 17:00

Transport & Evening Meal

We meet at 19:45, by MEDILS reception and we will be shuttled to St Francis Church by the harbour, then we go to the nice restaurant Konoba Fetivi in Split. The meal starts at 20:00., Address: Tomica Stine 4, 21000 Split


Transport back to MEDILS

Transport back to Medils is organised around 22:00  (depending on how many want to return), otherwise you're welcome to make your own way back (don't forget your map)

Welcome to Split, and the Thematic CSC 2019

Sunday, May 12

Dear all - welcome to the Thematic CSC 2019, focused on the topic of "High Throughput Distributed Processing of Future HEP Data"

This year we have 21 participants with 12 different nationalities:

China, Croatia, Germany, India, Italy, Lithuania, Pakistan, Romania, Russian Federation, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States

representing 16 different institutes:

Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Karlsruhe University, NUCES, University of Wisconsin Madison, EPFL, IHEP, Ludwig Maximilians University, Rostock University, Tsinghua University, Universitaet Zuerich, University of Derby, University of Florida, University of Oxford, University of Split, Vilnius University and CERN.

I am sure you will appreciate this diversity, and the opportunities it brings.

Enjoy the School!

Sebastian Lopienski, CSC director

Welcome to tCSC 2019 Live!

Friday 10 May 2019

"tCSC 2019 Live!" (this page) is the live blog/information-sharing channel of the organisers (Sebastian, Joelma, Nikos and the lecturers) with students during the School.

This is the place where we will post official information (schedule updates, links to surveys, logistics details of various activities) but also the fun stuff (pictures from social activities, sport competition results etc.). So please visit this page often.

I hope that you are as excited as we are to come to Split in just a couple of days! :-)

Have a safe travel - Sebastian, Joelma and Nikos