Aug 25 – 31, 2019
The Grand Hotel Daegu
Asia/Seoul timezone

First cross section measurement of neutrino charged current interactions in the iron ECC

Aug 29, 2019, 5:28 PM
Dynasty Hall (2F) (The Grand Hotel Daegu)

Dynasty Hall (2F)

The Grand Hotel Daegu

Oral Presentation Working Group 1+2


Mr Hitoshi Oshima (Toho University)


Understanding of neutrino-nucleus interactions for energies around 1 GeV is of great importance to us because one of the major systematic uncertainties in current neutrino oscillation experiments comes from nuclear effects in those interactions.
The NINJA collaboration aims to study neutrino-nucleus interactions in the energy range of hundreds of MeV to a few GeV by using emulsion-based detector. Nuclear emulsion is well suited for precise measurement of positions and angles of interacting particles since it has sub-micron spatial resolution. It is capable of detecting slow protons as low as 200 MeV/c, which is its advantage over other detectors.
In this talk, we use the data collected in 2016, corresponding to $0.40\times10^{20}$ protons on target. Based on a few hundred events in the target, we will present a measurement of the neutrino charged current cross section on iron with the emulsion cloud chamber (ECC). This is the first measurement using the iron ECC in this energy region.

Working Group WG2 : Neutrino Scattering Physics

Primary author

Mr Hitoshi Oshima (Toho University)


Prof. Hiroshi Shibuya (Toho University) Prof. Satoru Ogawa (Toho University) Dr Tomokazu Matsuo (Toho University) Mr Yusuke Morimoto (Toho University) Mr Yusuke Kosakai (Toho University) Mr Kousaku Mizuno (Toho University) Mr Hideaki Takagi (Toho University) Dr Tsutomu Fukuda (Nagoya University) Prof. Tsuyoshi Nakaya (Kyoto University) Ms Ayami Hiramoto (Kyoto University) Prof. Yoshinari Hayato (ICRR)

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