A Wide-Range, 42ps Resolution Time-to-Digital Converter for the Electromagnetic Calorimeter of HIEPA

Dec 14, 2019, 2:50 PM
POSTER - Sun: B1F-Meeting room#3, B2F-RAN1/2; Mon-Wed: B1F Meeting rooms #5-6 (International Conference Center Hiroshima)

POSTER - Sun: B1F-Meeting room#3, B2F-RAN1/2; Mon-Wed: B1F Meeting rooms #5-6

International Conference Center Hiroshima

Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima-shi


Mr Chao Liu (Northwestern Polytechnical University)


The 2-7 GeV High Intensity Electron-Positron Accelerator (HIEPA) is one of the three options for the new generation of particle physics test facility in China, which can help test Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) in low energy regions and find new physics theory. As one of the important components in the accelerator, the electromagnetic calorimeter (EMC) needs to measure the time information of photons and electrons with sufficient resolution and dynamic range. Therefore, a two-step Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) with high precision and wide dynamic range is presented in this abstract. The time interval measurement is implemented using a coarse counter, two Delay Locked Loops (DLLs) and a couple of coarse-fine interpolators. The DLL has been used to mitigate the effect of PVT on the proposed TDC. The interpolator consists of a coarse-fine synchronizer and a Vernier Delay Loop, which can minimize the integral non-linearity (INL) through cyclic sliding scale. The proposed TDC is going to be implemented with 0.18 μm CMOS technology, and is verified to be able to measure time intervals from 0 to 2.56 μs with bin size of 42 ps as well as rms precision of 7.1 ps. The TDC consumes 20mW with a 1.8-V supply, and the DNL and INL are both better than 1 LSB.

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Primary authors

Mr Chao Liu (Northwestern Polytechnical University) Mr Ziwei Zhao (Northwestern Polytechnical University)


Mr Ran Zheng (Northwestern Polytechnical University) Mr Jia Wang (Northwestern Polytechnical University) Mrs Xiaomin Wei (Northwestern Polytechnical University) Mrs Feifei Xue (Northwestern Polytechnical University) Mr Xuan Luo (Northwestern Polytechnical University) Ms Guiling Wang (Northwestern Polytechnical University)

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