Soft X-ray Trigger Performance of X-ray Astronomy SOI Pixel Sensors, "XRPIX"

Dec 14, 2019, 2:13 PM
POSTER - Sun: B1F-Meeting room#3, B2F-RAN1/2; Mon-Wed: B1F Meeting rooms #5-6 (International Conference Center Hiroshima)

POSTER - Sun: B1F-Meeting room#3, B2F-RAN1/2; Mon-Wed: B1F Meeting rooms #5-6

International Conference Center Hiroshima

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Mr Ryota Kodama (Kyoto University)


We have been developing X-ray Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) pixel sensors, called "XRPIX" for the next generation X-ray astronomy satellite "FORCE" (Tsuru et al. 2018, Proc. of SPIE 10709, 107090H). XRPIX has the event trigger output function which achieves a time resolution of 10 $\mu$s. This time resolution is higher by an order of five than that of X-ray CCDs, used as the main detectors in the current X-ray astronomy satellites. In this presentation, we report results on the evaluation of the trigger function. (1) We show the linearity between the X-ray energy and the threshold voltage of the trigger circuit using monochromatic X-rays such as Fe-K$\alpha$ (6.4 keV), Al-K$\alpha$ (1.5 keV), and F-K$\alpha$ (0.68 keV). Although overall linearity is good enough, there is an offset equivalent to 1.4 keV. (2) We report the lower X-ray energy threshold. It is determined by the circuit noises of the charge sensitive amplifier and the comparator for the trigger output function. The noise of the comparator circuit is equivalent to $70\sim 80$ e (rms), which is significantly higher than that of the charge sensitive amplifier of $\sim 10$ e (rms). The lower threshold X-ray energy that can be detected with the trigger output function is 1.5 keV,
which is determined by the lowest threshold voltage at which the comparator circuit noise is not triggered. The target lower threshold is 1.0 keV, so further noise reduction is necessary. (3) In addition, we report the spectral performance for low energy X-rays such as energy resolution and the tail structure in the spectrum.

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Mr Ryota Kodama (Kyoto University)


Prof. Takeshi Tsuru (Kyoto University) Dr Takaaki Tanaka (Kyoto Univsersity) Dr Hiroyuki Uchida (Kyoto University) Mr Kazuho Kayama (Kyoto University) Mr Yuki Amano (Kyoto University) Dr Ayaki Takeda (University of Miyazaki) Dr Koji Mori (University of Miyazaki) Mr Yusuke Nishioka (University of Miyazaki) Mr Takahiro Hida (University of Miyazaki) Mr Masataka Yukumoto (University of Miyazaki) Prof. Shoji Kawahito (Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University) Dr Keita Yasutomi (Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University) Dr Hiroki Kamehama (National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College) Prof. Yasuo Arai (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (JP)) Prof. Ikuo Kurachi (HIgh Energy Accelerator Research Organization) Prof. Takayoshi Kohmura (Tokyo University of Science) Dr Kouichi Hagino (Tokyo University of Science) Mr Mitsuki Hayashida (Tokyo University of Science) Mr Masatoshi Kitajima (Tokyo University of Science)

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