25-29 November 2019
Centennial Hall, Kyushu University
Asia/Tokyo timezone


First Bulletin (12/Nov./2019)

We already sent a message to speakers that the session to each contribution has been determined. While the detailed schedule within the sessions is not fixed, we hope you can prepare your travel according to the assignment.

Please check your registration again about arrival/departure, attendance of social events and food restrictions (vegeterian, allergy, etc.). We'd like to know exact number of the dinner places and food restrictions. (The food restriction will also apply to the snacks in the coffee breaks, reception, and lunchbox at excursion.)

We may still be possible to consider those after the modification deadline
so please send us email at chef2019@epp.phys.kyushu-u.ac.jp if you miss it.

Registration will open at 9am on Monday 25th at the venue.
We have the travel information at
It can be accessible in ~30 minutes from most hotels in Tenjin/Nakasu or Hakata area. There will be morning coffee from ~9am on Monday, and the first session will start at 10am.

For the social events, we will have a conference reception at Monday,
and an excursion and a banquet at Wednesday afternoon.
(There is no session on Wednesday afternoon.)
You can find details of the social events at

The session on Friday will finish at around noon.

Lunches are not provided (except Wednesday, when a lunchbox is included in the excursion). There are plenty of local cafes/restaurants in the district. We will provide a food map on your arrival.

Weather in Fukuoka at the end of November is rather mild, high temperature at 15-20 C and low at around 10. There is some chance of rain. It is almost the best season for autumn leaves, so we expect you can enjoy beautiful scenery of Japan.