Nov 7 – 9, 2019
Universidad de Medellin - Colombia
America/Bogota timezone

Registration Fee Payment

Please use the link below to make your online payment.

Reminder: The registration fee for the workshop is $180 USD (594000 Colombian Pesos) for students and postdocs, and $220 USD (726000 Colombian Pesos) for faculty and senior scientists.

Here some tips to help you fill the "formulario de inscripción" (registration form) :

  1. Select "pasaporte"(Passport) in the field "Tipo Documento de Identidad" (Document ID).

  2. Add your passport number in the field "Documento de Identidad" (ID number).

  3. Add your Last Name in the field "primer apellido" (Last Name)

  4. Add your Second Last Name if you have one, otherwise, leave it blank in "segundo appellido" (second last name).

  5. Add your Name(s) in the last field "nombre"

  6. write your "Fecha Nacimiento" (date of birth) in the format day/month/year.

  7. Select your "Género" (Gender), select "femenino" (female) or "masculino" (male)

  8. Select your "País Residencia" (Country of residence).

  9. Select your "Departamento Residencia" (District or whatever urban division of your country)

  10. Select your "Ciudad Residencia " (City of residency).

  11. write your "Dirección Residencia" (address).

  12. write your "Correo Electrónico" (email address).

  13. write your "Celular" (cellphone number).

  14. leave blank the field "Teléfono Fácil Ubicación".

For 8, 9 and 10 you might need to check Wikipedia in your language and then change to Spanish so you can see the names of the country and city in Spanish, they can be very different.

Finally, you need to check the box "Autorizo el tratamiento de mis datos personales" in order to authorize the university to keep your personal details in its system, for more details you might want to translate the information in the window "Política de Tratamiento de Datos Personales". After that, you need to click on "Inscribirme" in order to go to the next steps (payment details).

For the payment details section, we kindly ask you to send us an image(s), print screens, so we can translate what is left to make the payment. Otherwise, you might also use any translation software. It should not be too much information to be filled.

If this method is not possible, you can pay with card or cash in Medellin.

For more information contact us: