Possibilities of Using CdZnTe and CeBr3 Crystals for Measuring Photon Radiation in a Wide Range of Energy

Oct 17, 2020, 11:00 AM


Oral report Section 3. Modern nuclear physics methods and technologies. Section 3. Modern nuclear physics methods and technologies


Aleksei Shakhov


The new semiconductor detectors, which, based on CdZnTe crystals and CeBr3
scintillator, are presented in this work. The spectroscopic setup for testing measurements
was created, which consists of CdZnTe, CeBr3, and Si (measuring α and γ)
detectors. The main characteristics of these detectors including enegy resolution
FWHM/Eγ (keV) and efˇciency ε(%) were investigated and determined. Moreover,
we have checked the possibility of registration in a wide range of energy. The α−γ
and γ−γ coincidence measurements were carried out using these detectors. The
results could be used to study the mechanisms of nuclear reactions and the properties
of reaction products.

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