Spontaneous fission of 252,254No isotopes

Oct 15, 2020, 5:15 PM


Oral report Section 2. Experimental and theoretical studies of nuclear reactions. Section 2. Experimental and theoretical studies of nuclear reactions


Andrey Isaev (JINR)


Several experiments aimed to investigate properties of short-lived SF nobelium isotopes we carried out in FLNR. The neutron-deficient isotopes of nobelium were produced in fusion-evaporation reactions using 206,208Pb target and an intensive beam of 48Ca. Fusion-evaporation residues were separated by the SHELS separator and implanted into a large-area double-sided 48х48 strip silicon detector surrounded by 54 3He-counters of neutrons. The half-life and decay branching ratio for 252,254No is measured. The average number of neutrons per spontaneous fission of 254No is determined for the first time.

Primary authors

Dr Alexandr Andreev (JINR) Dr Alexandr Svirikhin (JINR) Dr Alexandr Yeremin (JINR) Mr Alexey Kuznetsov (JINR) Mrs Alyona Kuznetsova (JINR) Andrey Isaev (JINR) Dr Andrey Popeko (JINR) Dr Araceli Lopez-Martenz (CSNSM) Prof. Benoit Gall (IPHC) Dr Evgeny Sokol (JINR) Igor Izosimov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) Karl Hauschild (CSNSM) Dr Kseniia Rezynkina (KU Leuven (BE)) Mr Maxim Chelnokov (JINR) Mr Oleg Malyshev (JINR) Prof. Olivier Dorvaux (IPHC) Dr Pavol Mosat (Comenius University) Peter Michael Jones (iThemba LABS, National Research Foundation (ZA)) Dr Pier Brione (IPHC) Simon Mullins (iThemba LABS) Dr Timur Shneidman (JINR) Dr Victor Chepigin (JINR) Mr Yuri Popov (JINR)

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