Experimental data of 58Ni(n, α) 55Fe reaction cross-section for 3,5 - 7,5 MeV neutrons.

Oct 13, 2020, 6:35 PM


Poster report Section 2. Experimental and theoretical studies of nuclear reactions. Poster session 2 (part 1)


Mr Ivan Bondarenko (Institute for Physics and Power Engineering)


Nickel is a part of most stainless steels, therefore, the cross section for the helium production on the nuclei of the nickel isotopes is significant for evaluation of radiation damages in structural materials of reactors. 58Ni is the main isotope in the natural mixture (58Ni 68.27%, 60Ni 26.10%, 61Ni 1.13%, 62Ni 3.59%, 64Ni 0.91%); therefore, its contribution is one of the determining ones.
The cross-section of the 58Ni (n, α) 55Fe reaction was obtained on a solid target using new low-background digital spectrometer, based on an ionisation chamber with Frisch grid. The neutron flux was monitored using the 238U fission reaction. Monoenergetic neutrons for the experiment were obtained at the accelerator complex of JSC "SSC RF-IPPE”" in the reaction D(d,n)3He. The neutron spectrum was monitored during the experiment. The measurements were carried out for neutrons with energies from 3.5 to 7.5 MeV. The obtained data are in satisfactory agreement with the data of other authors and the available theoretical estimation, presented in the main libraries of evaluated data.

Primary authors

Mr Ivan Bondarenko (Institute for Physics and Power Engineering) Mr Timofey Bobrovskiy (IPPE) Dr Alexander Gurbich (IPPE) Mr Vladimir Ketlerov (IPPE) Tatiana Khromyleva (IPPE) Vitaly Khryachkov (IPPE) Mr Pavel Prusachenko (IPPE)

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